New record close for Junior Market

The Junior Market climbed 26.97 points to close at 3,669.73, complete trading at a new record close on Thursday after the market topped out on August 14, 2019, at 3,662.94, some two and a half years ago and follows the record intraday high earlier this week when the market hit 3,700.02 points in early trading on Monday.  
Market activity led to all 43 Junior Market securities trading on Thursday compared to 42 on Wednesday and ended with 23 rising, 12 declining and eight, closing unchanged.
The PE Ratio, a measure used to compute appropriate stock values, averages  16.3. The PE ratio of each stock in the chart below is based on earnings forecast for companies with financial years, up to August 2022.
Trading closed, with the volume of stocks traded rising 54 percent and the value surging 45 percent over Wednesday’s trades as 14,330,907 shares traded for $44,562,678 up from 9,334,543 units at $30,769,347 on Wednesday. Spur Tree Spices led trading with 7.9 million shares for 55.1 percent of total volume followed by Mailpac Group with 1.37 million units for 9.6 percent of the day’s trade and Future Energy Source, 617,019 units for 4.3 percent market share.
Trading averaged 333,277 shares at $1,036,341 in contrast to 222,251 shares at $732,603 on Wednesday and month to date, an average of 323,991 units at $1,196,703 compared to 323,421 units at $1,206,540 on the previous day. December closed with an average of 409,209 units at $1,318,877.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows no stock ended with a bid higher than their last selling prices and one with a lower offer.
At the close, CAC 2000 rallied 72 cents to end at $8.25 in an exchange of 50 shares, Cargo Handlers dropped 30 cents to close at $7, with 3,570 stock units clearing the market, Caribbean Cream climbed 27 cents to end at $5.27 after exchanging 2,327 stocks. Dolphin Cove popped 10 cents to close at $22.60 after trading 130,213 units with the price hitting an intraday high of $24.40. Elite Diagnostic advanced 30 cents in closing at a 52 weeks’ high of $4 while exchanging 49,005 stock units, Fontana rose 16 cents to $7.85 with the swapping of 346,988 shares. Fosrich gained 26 cents in closing at $14.83 with 11,944 stocks crossing the exchange, Future Energy Source increased 12 cents to close at $3.41 in trading 617,019 units, Honey Bun declined 30 cents to end at $9.25 in switching ownership of 130,247 shares. Indies Pharma shed 7 cents after ending at $3.08, with 74,482 stock units changing hands, Iron Rock Insurance increased 33 cents in closing at $3.30 after an exchange of 100 stocks, ISP Finance fell $2.51 to end at $35.49 and trading 336 units. Jamaican Teas rose 16 cents after ending at $4.26 in an exchange of 367,087 shares, Lasco Manufacturing lost 30 cents to $4.63 trading 3,776 stocks, Lumber Depot gained 14 cents to close at $3.18 after an exchange of 578,815 units. Medical Disposables gained 57 cents to $7.29 trading 189 stock units, Paramount Trading rallied 16 cents ending at a 52 weeks’ of $2.03 with an exchange of 236,189 stocks, SSL Venture fell 30 cents to end at $1.90 in trading 225,157 stock units and tTech popped 20 cents to close at $4.20 after 36,447 shares changed hands.
Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

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