More interest rate increase

Bank of Jamaica focus is not on the naysayers about its recent move on interest rates that saw the central bank hike overnight policy rate by 100 basis points to 1.5 percent as the average rate on their latest Certificate of Deposit that was offered on Wednesday, October 6, cleared at 3.28 percent up from 2.59 percent at the previous auction a week before.
At the latest auction last week, the central bank received 82 bids amounting to $18.5 billion for $12.5 billion on offer. A total of 51 bids were successful up to 4.25 percent and comes after BOJ increased the overnight rate.
The total nominal outstanding amount for the 30-day CDs on the settlement date of October 8 will be $46.5 billion, up from $45.5 million the week before. Since the start of August, the central bank CDS have pulled in an additional $11.5 billion by increasing the amount in the market from $35 billion.

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