Lumber continues to drives Junior Market

Lumber Depot continued to command the lead volume on the Junior Market for the third day when closed on Monday, accounting for 4.8 million units or 60 percent of the shares exchanged for the day that saw investors transferring 42 percent more units for 64 percent greater value than on Friday.

Lumber Depot dominated trading volume.

Market activity led to 36 securities trading compared to 33 on Friday and ended with 13 rising, 13 declining and 10 closing unchanged.  At the close, the Junior Market Index rallied 25.89 points to 3,280.97. The PE Ratio, a measure used to compute appropriate stock values, averages 11.3 based on’s 2021-22 earnings forecast.
A total of 7,959,396 shares traded for $26,899,270 compared t0  5,600,351 units at $16,401,398 on Friday. Future Energy Source closed trading, with the second highest volume, with 10.4 percent of the day’s trade for 824,499 units and Fontana controlled 9.6 percent market share with an exchange of 764,811 units after investors picked up the company’s stock following the release of positive full year results after trading on Friday.
Trading averaged 221,094 units at $747,202 in contrast to 169,708 at $497,012 on Friday and month to date averages 231,021 units at $658,292, compared to 232,225 units at $647,515 on Friday. August closed with an average of 464,471 units at $1,258,652.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows five stocks ending with bids higher than their last selling prices and one with a lower offer.
At the close, Blue Power dropped 20 cents to $3.30 with investors switching ownership of 150 shares, Caribbean Assurance Brokers rose 9 cents to $1.79 with 6,150 stock units traded, Caribbean Cream popped 30 cents to $6.40 with an exchange of 1,989 units. Caribbean Flavours rallied 6 cents to $1.96, with 10,202 stocks changing hands, Express Catering fell 10 cents to $4.80 with a transfer of 10,000 shares, Fontana climbed 42 cents to $6.30, with 764,811 units passing through the market. Shortly after trading opened the stock triggered the circuit breaker of the exchange and traded up to a 52 weeks’ intraday high of $7.31, before pulling back at the close. Fosrich rose 8 cents to $8.18 with 300 stock units traded, Future Energy Source lost 9 cents to close at $2.42 with an exchange of 824,499 shares, General Accident shed 25 cents to end at $5.30 with 60,000 stocks changing hands. GWest Corporation advanced 13 cents to $1.14 with a transfer of 17,393 stock units, Honey Bun rallied 12 cents to $8.60 with investors switching ownership of 7,451 shares, Indies Pharma fell 31 cents to $3.11 with 326,732 stocks traded. Jetcon Corporation gained 8 cents to settle at $1 with an exchange of 5,952 units, Lasco Distributors advanced 13 cents to $3.90 with 5,350 stock units changing hands, Limners and Bards increased 12 cents to $3.74 with a transfer of 221,001 shares. Lumber Depot shed 11 cents to close at $3.07 after trading 4,795,471 units, Mailpac Group fell 15 cents to $3.51 with 193,419 stocks traded, Medical Disposables dipped 16 cents to $4.45 with 74,483 stock units changing hands. Paramount Trading declined 14 cents to $1.01 with a transfer of 212,785 units, SSL Venture lost 14 cents to close at 64 cents with investors switching ownership of 20,000 stocks and Stationery and Office Supplies spiked $1.27 to $7.02 with 3,000 units crossing the exchange.

Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

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