Junior Market prices mostly fall Friday

Trading closed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Junior Market on Friday, with the volume of stocks traded declining 68 percent with a 60 percent lower value than Thursday as 43 securities traded down from 44 on Thursday and ended with ten rising, 22 declining and 11 closing unchanged.
At the close, the Junior Market Index shed 3.71 points to 4,357.81.
The PE Ratio, a measure used in computing appropriate stock values, averages 13.5. The PE ratios of Junior Market stocks incorporate ICInsider.com projected earnings for companies with financial years closing up to the end of August 2023.
A total of 5,807,347 shares were traded for $25,315,609, dropping from 18,169,661 units at $63,184,225 on the Thursday. Trading averaged 135,055 shares at $588,735 in contrast to 412,947 shares at $1,436,005 on Thursday with month to date, averaging 422,694 units at $1,829,436 compared to 442,970 units at $1,916,895 on the previous trading day. April closed with an average of 449,923 units at $1,781,786.
Jetcon Corporation led trading with 1.04 million shares for 17.9 percent of total volume, followed by AMG Packaging with 469,900 units for 8.1 percent of the day’s trade and Lumber Depot with 422,811 units for 7.3 percent market share.
The Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows no stock ending with a higher bid than the last selling price and two with lower offers.
At the close, AMG Packaging lost 10 cents in closing at $3.50 after trading 469,900 shares, Blue Power declined 18 cents to $3.75 in exchanging 35,689 stock units, Cargo Handlers shed 16 cents to close at $11.70 after an exchange of 977 units. Caribbean Assurance Brokers fell 17 cents to end at $2.25, with 155,000 stocks crossing the market, Derrimon Trading dropped 13 cents in ending at $3.02 with 114,968 shares clearing the market, Dolphin Cove declined $1.51 to close at $18.60 in an exchange of 68,237 stocks. Elite Diagnostic gained 14 cents to $3.94 in switching ownership of 126,699 stock units, Everything Fresh lost 26 cents to end at $1.34 after 12,327 units crossed the market, Express Catering dropped 10 cents in closing at $5.80 after exchanging 36,365 stocks. Fontana fell 30 cents to $10, with 344,612 stock units changing hands, GWest Corporation shed 14 cents to $1.01 while trading 15,098 shares, KLE Group declined 10 cents in closing at $2.30 with an exchange of 2,658 units. Stationery and Office Supplies shed 85 cents ending at $12.15 after finishing trading 10,044 stocks, Tropical Battery popped 10 cents to end at $2.85 after 154,743 shares crossed the exchange and tTech lost 10 cents to close at $3.60 trading 3,000 stock units.
Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

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