Junior Market investors having a blast

With just two weeks of the new year, Junior Market stocks are hot with the market index gaining just 1.2 percent year to date, but the index does not give a full picture of what is happening. In 2021 the market index rose just under 30 percent, already the gains in four stocks now exceed that performance.
AMG Packaging hits a 52 weeks intraday high of $3.90 last week is up a stunning 55 percent to the end of the week at $3.40. The company reported a 146 percent rise in profit for their first quarter and the price is expected to surge this week. KLE Group is up 42 percent with the price being driven by the expectation that the company will pull in a tidy sum by ICInsider.com estimate could be $50-100 million from their north coast joint venture development during the course of the year. Newly listed Spur Tree Spices is up 32 percent on its first day of listing. With demand for the stock around 150 million units on the bid above $1.30 to $1.32 on Friday just before the close, with very little supply up to $2, so far, investors can expect to see another big hike in this stock’s price. Caribbean Brokers is up 27 percent on top of the 27 percent rise in late 2021 following the release of a big jump in profits over 2020 for the nine months to September. Dolphin Cove is up 27 percent to Friday at $19.05 but the stock traded up to $23.50 in the past week and is expected to rise sharply higher in 2021 as revenues and profits recovery as the tourism trade bounces back strongly in 2021 to match 2019 numbers or close to them.

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