Junior Market carnage worsens – Tuesday

The Junior Market continued its freefall on Tuesday, dropping a record 152.05 points to close at 2,081.18, levels not seen since April 2016 as the 36 securities trading resulted in 23 stocks declining, seven rising and six stocks holding firm with the market losing 38 percent of its value since the start of the year.
At the close of trading nine stocks ended at 52 weeks’ lows and several stocks suffered steep fall in prices and were led by ISP Finance with a drop of $4.75, followed by Cargo Handlers $1.40, Jamaican Teas $1.05, Fontana $1.02 and Caribbean Producers with a large capitalization shed 78 cents.
Trading resulted in an exchange of 38,566,809 units at $62,217,505, of which Derrimon Trading accounted for 28.6 million units, compared to 20,701,190 units valued at $69,475,355 on Monday, with the average market PE ratio ending at 10.3 times 2019 earnings.
The trading day ended with an average of 1,071,300 units for $1,728,264 for each security traded in contrast to an average of 559,492 units for an average of $1,877,712 on Monday.  The average volume and value for the month to date amounts to 277,858 units valued at $664,104 and previously 196,013 units valued at $553,434. In contrast, February closed with an average of 167,673 units valued at $488,038 for each security traded.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows two stocks ended with bids higher than their last selling prices and three with lower offers.
At the close of the market, Access Financial gained 30 cents to finish at $21.80 with 6,650 shares traded, AMG Packaging exchanged 38,325 shares and added 29 cents to end at $1.90, Cargo Handlers lost $1.40 in swapping 2,045 shares to close at a 52 weeks’ low of $5.10. Caribbean Assurance slipped 1 cent to $1.91 with 92,300 shares traded, Caribbean Cream swapped 17,633 units and lost 20 cents to settle at $2.80, Caribbean Producers declined by 78 cents to end at a 52 weeks’ low of $2.72 with 120,030 shares changing hands. Derrimon Trading fell 20 cents to a 52 weeks’ low of $1.40 in exchanging a mammoth 28,587,354 units, Everything Fresh closed 5 cents higher at 85 cents with 17,356 stock units trading, Express Catering fell to a 52 weeks’ low of $3 after losing 20 cents with 129,798 shares changing hands. Fontana closed trading of 1,939,436 units and shed $1.02 to end at a 52 weeks’ low of $3.72, Fosrich added by 5 cents to finish at $3 in swapping of 17,160 units, General Accident dropped 50 cents in trading of 176,828 units at $4.50. Honey Bun closed with an exchange of 210,094 shares after falling 62 cents to $4.50, iCreate slipped 3 cents to 45 cents with 444,000 shares traded, Indies Pharma added 12 cents in exchanging 20,972 units at $2.09. Iron Rock Insurance closed at a 52 weeks’ low of $2 after dropping 30 cents and swapping 83,352 shares, ISP Finance fell to $15 after shedding $4.75 with 6,000 shares crossing the exchange, Jamaican Teas dropped $1.05 after trading 186,502 shares to end at $3.95. Jetcon fell 20 cents exchanging 396,473 shares at a 52 weeks’ low of 97 cents, KLE closed trading of 100,000 units and slipped 12 cents to settle at $1.60, Knutsford Express fell 30 cents to $8 with 2,746 shares traded. Lasco Distributors exchanged 143,713 shares and gained 30 cents to close at $2.20, Lasco Financial dropped 20 cents trading of 1,231,043 units and to settle at $2, Lasco Manufacturing lost 7 cents to settle at $2.86 with 138,909 units changing hands. Limners and Bards ended 26 cents higher at $2.26 with 120,000 shares crossing the market, Lumber Depot fell 10 cents to a 52 weeks’ low of $1.17 with an exchange of 448,162 stock units, MailPac closed trading of 3,497,845 units and lost 3 cents to end at $1.35. Main Event finished at $3.51 after dropping 49 cents, exchanging 120,152 shares, Medical Disposables declined by 40 cents in the swapping of 6,029 to close at $5.30, and Stationery and Office Supplies lost 20 cents to settle at a 52 weeks’ low of $5.70 with 26,454 stock units crossing the exchange.

Prices of securities trading for the day are those at which the last trade took place.

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