Junior Market biggest one-day drop

The Junior Market suffered the worse one day fall ever on Monday, with a decline of 102.64 points to close at 3,275.55 after investors slashed the prices of 23 securities down, leaving just 6 to rise as five closed unchanged.
Monday’s decline in the index surpassed the 100.65 points fall on July 7, 2016.
At the average PE of the market fell to 13.8, down sharply from 14.6 previously.
Market activity ended with 34 securities trading, resulting in 7,002,559 units valued at $26,321,318 compared to 3,502,559 units for $8,563,366 from 34 securities on Friday.
Trading ended with an average of 205,958 units for an average of $774,156 in contrast to 103,016 units for an average of $251,864 on Friday. The average volume and value for the month to date amounts to 160,734 units with a value of $468,747 for each security, compared to 136,327 valued at $303,922 for each security traded, previously. December closed with an average of 521,319 shares at $1,344,719 for each security changing hands.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Investors Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows 7  stocks ending with bid higher than the last selling price and 4 closing with lower offers.
By the close of trading, AMG Packaging lost 18 cents to close at $2.07 with 1,500 shares changing hands, Blue Power lost 2 cents trading 7,144 units at $4.78, investors exchanged 84,810 shares of Caribbean Cream by pushing the price down 55 cents to $3.75. Derrimon Trading lost 1 cent to end at $2.58 with 1,450 stock units crossing the exchange; Dolphin Cove lost 85 cents to close at $10.30 with 94,700 units changing hands, Elite Diagnostic declined 2 cents to close at $4.88, with an exchange of 7,000 stock units. Everything Fresh shed 14 cents to end at $1.06, trading 48,540 stock units, Fontana lost 35 cents to end at $7, after exchanging 595,288 shares, FosRich had 32,717 stock units changing hands and declined by 31 cents to close at $4.19. GWest Corporation exchanged 77,692 shares after gaining 13 cents to close at $1.20; Honey Bun fell 47 cents to settle at $8.02, after trading 4,866 stock units, iCreate gained 1 cent to end the day at 71 cents with 59,500 shares changing hands. Jamaican Teas declined 2 cents to end at $6.58 with 1,933,136 stock units crossing the exchange, Jetcon Corporation fell 28 cents while exchanging 207,813 shares and ended at $1.50. Key Insurance rose 10 cents to close at $3.30 with 44,467 units changing hands, Knutsford Express gained 40 cents to end at $11 with 5,156 units crossing the exchange. Lasco Distributors dipped 30 cents trading 111,708 shares to end at $3, Lasco Financial swapped 29,700 stock units after falling 20 cents to end at $4.10, Lasco Manufacturing lost 66 cents to settle at $4 with 146,880 shares changing hands. Limners & Bards fell 1 cent with 103,876 stock units changing hands at $2.99. Lumber Depot gained 1 cent to end at $1.51 with a transfer of 2,302,905 stock units; Main Event gained 5 cents trading 22,291 shares to settle at $6.10, Medical Disposables shed 55 cents to end at $7 with an exchange of a mere 200 units. Paramount fell 27 cents while trading 834 shares to close at $1.83, SSL Venture Capital lost 20 cents to close at 52 weeks’ low of $1 with 185,114 stock units changing hands. Stationery and Office Supplies fell 50 cents to end at $10.50 with 105,795 shares crossing the exchange and tTech ended at $5.55 after gaining 5 cents while exchanging 100 units.

Prices of securities trading for the day are those at which the last trade took place.

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