JSE US$ market loses ground on Tuesday

Trading picked up on the JSE US Dollar market on Tuesday as the volume of shares traded rose by 35 percent from Friday after a sharp rise in monies passing through the market, as investors exchanged 94 percent more funds than Friday, but the market activity resulted in declining stocks just outnumbering rising ones.
Nine securities traded, compared to seven on Friday, with prices of three rising, four declining and two ending unchanged.
The US Denominated Equities Index fell 5.43 points to end at 190.05.
The PE Ratio, a measure that is used to compute appropriate stock values, averages 11.4. The PE ratio of each stock is based on earnings forecasted by ICInsider.com for companies with their financial year ending up to July 2022.
Overall, 1,547,372 shares traded for US$81,033 compared to 1,143,039 units at US$41,711 on Friday. Trading averaged 171,930 units at US$9,004 compared to 163,291 shares at US$5,959 on Friday and the month to date averages 66,254 at US$5,420 versus 52,267 units at US$4,946 on Friday. September ended with an average of 853,681 units for US$132,197.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows one stock ended with the bid higher than the last selling price and two with lower offers.
At the close, First Rock Capital US share rose 0.35 of a cent to end at 7 US cents with investors switching ownership of 5,500 shares, Margaritaville fell half a cent to 9 US cents with 595,866 units traded, MPC Caribbean Clean Energy ended at US$1 with 38 stocks changing hands. Proven Investments dropped 1.6 cents to end at 23.11 US cents with 67,914 stock units passing through the market, Sygnus Credit Investments USD share shed 0.45 of a cent to settle at 13.45 US cents with a transfer of 25,100 shares, Sygnus Real Estate Finance USD share advanced 0.5 of a cent to 14.5 US cents with 1 unit traded and Transjamaican Highway declined by 0.16 of a cent to close at 0.81 of a US cent, with 852,781 stock unit crossing the exchange.
In the preference segmentJMMB Group 5.75% gained 22.5 cents to finish at US$1.725 with investors switching ownership of 14 stocks and JMMB Group 6% finished at US$1.04 with 158 shares changing hands.

Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

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