JSE enjoyed modest gains on Friday

Trading on the Jamaica Stock Exchange resulted in more stocks rising than falling leading to a moderate pick up in the market indices as trading levels declined sharply.
At the close of market activity, the prices of 11 securities rose, 9 declined, while 10 remained unchanged, leading the All Jamaica Composite Index to rise 832.12 points to close at 397,739.58 and the JSE Index gained 758.16 points to end at 362,385.78. The closing indices are different than the ones released by the stock exchange that is much lower than the close on Thursday.
Trading closed with 30 active securities in the main and US dollar markets, on Friday compared to 29 on Thursday. Trading closed with 2,082,014 units valued at $42,778,375 compared with 53,515,060 units valued $119,025,805 changing hands, on Thursday.
Main market trading closed with Carreras leading with 440,416 units trading, or 21 percent of the day’s volume, Scotia Group with 392,361 units and 19 percent of volume traded and Radio Jamaica with 259,000 units with 12.4 percent of the day’s volume.
IC bid-offer Indicator|At the end of trading, the Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows 7 stocks ending with bids higher than the last selling prices and 4 closing with lower offers.
Trading resulted in an average of 77,112 units valued at over $1,584,384, in contrast to 1,911,252 shares valued at $4,250,922 on Thursday. The average volume and value for the month to date amounts to 1,010,856 shares, valued $2,941,894. October closed, with an average of 290,851 shares, valued $5,213,901, for each security traded.
In the main market activity, Caribbean Cement gained up $1.79 trading 1,055 shares to close at $43, Grace Kennedy rose $2 and ended trading with 27,576 shares at $57, Jamaica Broilers traded 19,491 stock units, at $29.71, after falling 29 cents, Jamaica Producers jumped $3.49 and finished trading 7,040 units at $28, Jamaica Stock Exchange dropped $1.50 to close at $10, in exchanging 207,374 shares, JMMB Group gained 48 cents to $32.50, trading 17,573 shares, Kingston Wharves lost 95 cents to close at $75 with 2,792 stock units trading, Mayberry Jamaica Equities traded 25,925 units but lost $1 to close at $10.50, Scotia Group gained $1.46 to $52.49, trading 392,361 units.
Trading in the US dollar market ended with, JMMB Group 5.75 percent preference share rising 3 cents exchanging 1,700 shares at $2.06, Proven Investments traded 4,360 units changing hands at 20 US cents and Sygnus Credit Investments US dollar based ordinary share traded 11,820 units at 11 US cents. The JSE USD Equities Index rose 0.09 points at 163.39.

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