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Stationary & Office Supplies – Montego Bay office.

IC Insider Buy Rated Stationery and Office Supplies that listed last year August gained 250 percent when the stock hit a new high on Thursday.
It seems set to jump when trading resumes on Friday, with a 70 percent increase in earnings to 17 cents for the March quarter. SOS posted profit of $44.5 million versus $24.5 million after tax for the quarter, flowing from a 27 percent increase in revenues to $279 million. With added earnings to come from the acquisition of the book manufacturing business earnings for the full year could be in the 90 cents to $1 range.
Cargo Handlers posted a 20 percent increase in earnings with EPS of 12 cents for the March quarter and a flat 23 cents for the nine months. Profit in the March quarter was $45.6 million, up 19 percent over $38.4 million generated in 2017 and for the nine months $86 million was earned versus $84.6 million. Revenues grew 7 percent in the quarter to $101 million and was up 3 percent to $188 million for the half year.

Wisynco’s popular product.

Wisynco Group reported lower profit in the March quarter but that was due to the booking of insurance claim of around $600 million in 2017, excluding that inflow
profits would have been up sharply from a normalised $340 million to $505 million for the quarter and from $1.4 billion to $1.7 billion for the nine months period. Earnings per share for the quarter was 14 cents and 47 cents for the nine months and seems ion track for around 70 cents.
Wisynco generated an attractive 13.5 percent growth in revenues in the quarter to $5.8 billion and an increase of 14.7 percent in the nine months to $18 billion.
Grace Kennedy posted an 18 percent increase in earnings with EPS of $1.20 for the March quarter with profit rising to 19 percent to $1.2 million in the quarter from revenues that rose 5 percent to $24.9 billion. The results suggest earnings for the full year should top $5 per share.

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