Image Plus surge in profits

Following a big surge in revenues and profit for the year to February 2022, Image Plus Consultants with revenues climbing 27 percent to $777 million and profit surging 298 percent to $94 million after tax, the company is now reporting continuing solid performance for the nine months to November.

Revenues climbed 27 percent in the November quarter to $248 million and 43 percent in the nine months to $803 million while profit rose moderately to $24 million from $22 million in 2021 for the last quarter.  The 2022 quarterly results would be about 50 percent better than the outturn for the 2021 period, being saddled with added costs that were not incurred in 2021, with expected credit loss expense of $6 million with none in 2021 and higher finance cost of $8 million up from $1.8 million. For the nine months, profit nearly tripled that of 2021 to reach $148 million.
It is unclear whether earnings reflect the elevated payment of directors’ fees or not. The change in cost year over year does not suggest that in which case profit for the new period would jump sharply when that cost amounting to some $15 million per quarter falls away. Costs of sales rose 25.5 percent to $82.8 million in the latest quarter, from $66 million in 2021, for the nine months, the increase is 42 percent to $274 million from $192 million, with both the quarterly and nine months cost tracking close to the increased revenues, which is a positive development.
Administrative expenses rose 21.6 percent to $113 million from $93 million for the quarter and 12.7 percent for the nine months to $297 million from $264 million in 2021. Depreciation charges were flat in the quarter at $13 million but up to $32 million from $29 for the nine months.Dr Karlene McDonnough – Chairman of Image Consultants Ltd. The company originally reported incorrect earnings per share for the periods with the use of an incorrect number of shares in the computation but that has since been amended with a new release.  Earnings per share for the quarter is 2.3 cents and 15 cents for the nine months.

Dr Karlene McDonnough – Chairman of Image Consultants Ltd.

“The rate of revenue growth slowed somewhat since the second quarter as a result of the Ocho Rios relocation exercise (all operations at that branch were closed for four days whilst CT and Xray services were down for an additional seven days when the branch reopened as we awaited relocation of the 3 phase power supply required to operate these units). Management is confident that the move and resulting downtime is an investment that will redound significantly to the benefit of all stakeholders in the months ahead” the chairman and the Managing directors advised shareholders in their commentary accompanying the financials and went on to say.
“Despite this downtime, the company’s case count remains very healthy at 40,949 representing year to date, an increase of over 17 percent compared to the comparative period in the prior year. The number of cases at nine months represents 88.3 percent of the full financial year 21/22 case count.  Expenses grew 12.7 percent over the last financial year driven by higher than normal costs in Q3. In the main, these costs were associated with one off marketing expenditure for the re-printing of all billboards, directional and office signs for the Ocho Rios branch. Traditionally too, Q3 costs are expected to be a little higher as we have expenditure associated with referring physician appreciation and end of year performance incentives for our team members.”
Cash flow generated by operations was $138 million, acquisition of fixed assets amounting to $143 million utilized it all, in addition, $30 million was placed in investments and $30 million was used to pay dividends that were partially funded from net loan proceeds that brought in $51 million.
At the end of November, long term borrowings stood at $118 million and short term at just $4 million. Current assets ended the period at $311 million including trade and other receivables of $242 million, up from $106 million in 2021, while cash funds and investments ended at $49 million. Current liabilities ended the period at $124 million. Net current assets amount to $200 million.
November ended with shareholders’ equity of $415 million but is expected to hit the $900 million mark with the proceeds of the recent public share issue.
The stock that fell to a low of $1.77 last week, traded over $2 since this week.

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