Image Plus Consultants IPO looks attractive but…

Yet another company is heading to the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange on the heels of the recent successful Regency Petroleum public issue that culminated in a listing on Thursday. The prospectus of Image Plus Consultants limited offers up to 247.89 million new ordinary shares at the price of $2 each, projected to raise $495,779,872 before expenses and to list on the Junior Market.
The issue will amount to 20 percent of the increased share capital of 1.2394 billion shares, up from 991.56 million currently issued. The offer values the company at $2.5 billion and that should rise to around $5 billion sometime after listing.
The issue opens on December 28 and is slated to close on January 11, but should close on the same date of opening or soon thereafter. Based on recent IPOS, if $5 billion goes into the Public allocation, investors can expect to get around eight percent of the offered amount.
Image Plus Consultants Services owns and operates the 25 years old Apex Radiology a Medical Imaging Company that was established in 1996.  Services provided include multiple modalities such as X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT Scan, Fluoroscopy and Nuclear Medicine at three locations in Kingston and one in Ocho Rios. The prospectus states that “With a view to growing at a faster pace, the Board took the decision to employ professional management experience and recruited a Chief Executive Officer in late January 2020. That step has resulted in very evident benefits demonstrated by the significant increases in patient cases, revenue and net profit margin over the last thirty months.”
Shareholders’ equity of $267 million in February 2022 was up 55 percent over the previous year and moved to $362 million in August. Profits before tax of $113 million increased 318 percent over the fiscal year to February 2021, representing the return of equity of 43 percent that flowed from revenues of $778 million which was up 10 percent over the prior year.
Total assets stood at $619 million at the end of August this year. Current assets ended the half year at $325 million and include receivables of $248 million that climbed from just $99 million at the end of August last year and from $139 million at the end of February this year. Current liabilities amount to $$124 million, while borrowed funds ended at $132 million.

Dr. Karlene McDonnough – Chairman of Image Plus Consultants Ltd.

Results to August show revenues and profits growing with revenues up 53 percent to $555 million from $363 million in 2021 with profit before tax of $153 million up 237 percent above the 2021 outcome of $45 million. Prior to the current year directors’ fees were paid at a higher rate than normal but are expected to reflect market rates going forward as a result the $66.5 million expensed in 2022 will drop sharply in the fiscal year 2023 and should result in a fall in administrative expenses.
“The Company intends to use funds raised to strategically and sustainably grow the business by acquiring property to be identified in Kingston which is suitable to relocate our largest operations, thereby ensuring control of our revenue and allowing for even further expansion of our offerings. Procuring suitable new bio-medical equipment to offer additional diagnostic modalities at our Ocho Rios location. Expand our offering of interventional procedures, maximizing this fast growing area of diagnostic imaging” the prospectus states.

The PE ratio will be just 7 times current year’s earnings and puts the stock in a strong position to move towards $6 during 2023. A comparison with Elite Diagnostic makes for interesting reading. While the reported profit is better for Image Plus, most other measures are in favour of Elite. The best comparison is EBITDA which shows Image with $152 million versus Elite with $190 million for the 2022 fiscal year. The interim figures annualized show Image with $359 million versus Elite with $220 million for the 2023 fiscal year. At $2 per share for the Image IPO, the stock is priced at 5.6 times EBITDA and Elite trades around 5.3 times. With three locations Elite net fixed assets amount to $885 million versus Image with $279 million and resulting in Depreciation charge being more than three times that of Image with four locations and higher finance costs as well.
If listed, the company would be the second such entity of the exchange following Elite Diagnostic. A successful IPO will raise the Junior Market listings to 48 and the total to list on that market to 52, including three that migrated to the Main Market and one that failed.
The board of directors is dominated by doctors in the medical profession and could do with some other directors with wide-ranging business experience. The directors are Karlene McDonnough, Lilieth Bridgewater, Gordon Bradshaw, Steve Lewis, Marian Vaughn and Leon Vaughn all medical-related doctors, Carolyn DaCosta, Jacqueline Leckie and Kisha Anderson.

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