Elite IPO put off for now

The initial public offer of 71 million shares in Elite Diagnostic that was to have opened to the public on Monday January 22 but put back to Wednesday January 24 has been put off once again.
The prospectus that was originally planned for release in early December included results for the first quarter of the current fiscal year to September with errors that lead to an understating of expenses and over stating of profit as well as errors in the amounts relating to fixed assets in the cash flow and balance sheet.
According to a recent release from the company, “Elite, after consulting with its Financial Advisors, has decided to update certain statements made in its prospectus dated December 11, 2017 and Addendum dated January 17, 2018. The revised statements and the new Opening and Closing Dates will be published on the JSE’s website as soon as possible.”
IC Insider.com who first brought the errors in the report to the public had written after the addendum was released that the company needed to withdraw the prospectus and have the figures properly checked and audited before releasing it again to the public.

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