Elite interim figures lack credibility

Elite Diagnostics interim figures are wrong and need auditing.

Elite Diagnostic issued an addendum to the prospectus for the public issue of shares. They should withdraw the issue, until they have the interim figures audited and fixed. For even after they amended them to correct for errors, $15 million is still unaccounted for.
The interim results, initially included in the prospectus and in the addendum to them, send a shocking picture of the amateurish approach to the company’s financial stewardship.
The company reported first quarter numbers without the significant cost of depreciation, which when included, reduced the profit by approximately 40 percent. To compound the matter, the figures are presented in cents which is shown is no other place in the prospectus, no experienced accountant would provide public results with cents included. The presentation tells a sorry story as to the errors that are in the report and are still there.
In a report of a missing $11 million, IC Insider.com pointed out the error re depreciation and fixed assets. In the addendum, fixed assets are up by $3 million but the figure is still short of what the data in the report suggests it to  be.
At the end of June last year, fixed assets amounted to $187 million, with the cash flow to September showing $74 million being added and would bring the total amount to $262 million, before depreciation of $9 million for the first quarter and would result in net fixed assets of $253 million. The interim results have the figure at $238 million, a huge difference of $15 million.
Deferred tax liability of $9.5 million reported in the June year end audited report disappears in the interim figures and may actually be a part of the error in the report. Without a proper checking of the data along with documentations of large transaction is difficult to say where the error may be and that is why the figures should audited at this stage to ensure integrity of the numbers.

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