Dolla shares could list on Friday

Trading in the shares of Dolla Financial that offered shares to the public in an initial stock offering that closed on the same day it was opened could be listed on Friday on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, a source informed
Details of the allocation are expected to be released by the close of the Jamaica Stock Exchange on Monday, the source advised.
Some $10 billion is said to have chased after the 500 million shares at $1 each, as such investors will end up, on average, with approximately 5 percent of the amount applied for.
The issue that was very popular closed at 4.30 on Friday, May 27, having been heavily oversubscribed. The shares are expected to more than double, based on the earnings for the first quarter to March this year, with a profit before tax of $66 million, up from $17 million in 2021.
The company reported an audited profit of $129 million after taxation of $38 million for 2021, from revenues of $379 million and ended with shareholders’ equity of $315 billion.
$250 million of the funds raised in the offer, net of the cost of the IPO, will be used in the business to fund loan growth.

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