Buoyant JSE main market

Palace jumps $800 to a record of $2,900.

Jamaica Stock Exchange prime market continues to experience buoyant levels ended with 38 securities accounting for 14,106,882 units valued at $179,446,025, in contrast to 19,155,083 units valued at $180,757,266 from 38 companies trading on Wednesday.
By contrast, for the same period last year, 32 securities traded and resulted in investments of $158,769,688 and on the Wednesday 27 securities changed hands accounting to $136,855,615.
The market closed on Thursday, with 40 securities changing hands in the main and US dollar markets with 17 advancing, 12 declining and 11 trading firm. Trading resulted in the JSE All Jamaican Composite Index inching 7.67 points higher to 553,475.31, the JSE Market Index rose 102.37 points to 503,962.66 and the JSE Financial Index added 0.11 points to close at 137.15.
Wigton Windfarm dominated trading with 5.3 million shares for 38 percent of the day’s trade, Sagicor Select Funds with 3.4 million units and 24 percent and QWI Investments with 2 million shares and 14 percent. Barita Investments was the only other stock trading more than 1 million shares ending with 1.48 million units amounting to 11 percent of the day’s trade but with $104 million accounting for 58 percent of the total value in the min market.
The market closed with an average of 371,234 units at $4,722,264 for each security traded, in contrast to 504,081 units for an average of 4,756,770 on Wednesday. The average volume and value for the month to date amounts to 638,084 units for $8,537,415 and previously, an average of 652,346 units valued at $8,751,876 for each security changing hands. The market closed out October with an average of 957,488 units for $13,947,047 for each security traded.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows 13 stocks ending with bids higher than their last selling prices and 2 with lower offers. The PE ratio of the market ended at 18.0 with the main market ending at 18.9 times 2019 current year’s earnings.
In the premier market, Barita Investments closed $1 lower to $71, in exchanging 1,477,914 shares, Eppley Caribbean Property Fund climbed $2.90 to end at $35.90, with 2,900 stock units changing hands, Grace Kennedy added 56 cents to close at $65.0, in exchanging 372,028 units, Jamaica Broilers lost 99 cents to settle at $37..01 trading 35,432 shares. Jamaica Producers gained $1 to end at $24, after swapping 11,992 stock units, Jamaica Stock Exchange lost 49 cents in trading 51,320 units to close at $26.51, JMMB Group dropped $1.65 to settle at $46.20, with 287,342 units changing hands. Kingston Wharves climbed $2 to $57 trading just 250 units, Mayberry Investments gained $1 to close at $10, with 46,680 shares changing hands, Mayberry Jamaican Equities ended at $12.20, after gaining $1.20 in swapping 181,769 stock units, MPC Caribbean Clean Energy closed 50 cents higher to $230, after 797 units changed hands. 138 Student Living lost 72 cents and ended at $3.90 with 100,000 shares trading, Palace Amusement surged $800 higher to a record high of $2,900 in trading a mere 100 units, PanJam Investment traded 1,300 shares and settled at $101, after losing $1. Portland JSX rose 40 cents to $8.50, after exchanging 2,203 stock units, Proven Investments closed $1.50 higher to $48, in an exchange of 10,336 shares. Sagicor Group lost 40 cents to settle at $66.60, with 40,625 stock units changing hands, Sygnus Credit Investments ended at $23 with gains of 65 cents trading 26,000 shares and Wisynco Group closed 99 cents higher, ending the day at $24 with 101,734 units changing hands.
Trading in the US dollar market closed with 307,111 units valued at US$103,211 with the market index declining 3.21 points to close at 211.87. Proven Investments closed at 32 US cents, after gaining 1.8 US cents trading 302,111 shares and JMMB Group 5.75% preference share gained 2 US cents to end at US$2.02 with 5,000 shares changing hands.

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