Big quiet moves for some Junior Market stocks

The Junior Market trading is quietly throwing up some big winners, but few are taking note, with the market experiences low activity. In Monday’s trading, tTech climbed 11 percent on good volume, with the bid closing in line with the last traded price of  $6.67, the highest price since October last year and is up 41 percent since early July when it traded as low as $4.70.

tTech stock gained 41% in July

tTech is not the only stock making big moves recently.  General Accident gained 67 percent since May 2, Caribbean Cream is up 62 percent since the start of this month when the stock traded at $2.46. Indies rose 25 percent since July 3 and Limners and Bards delivered a 31 percent increase since June 8.
Trading closed on Monday, with 32 securities changing hands, similar to Friday, ending with the prices of 12 stocks rising, 14 stocks declining and six with prices remaining unchanged.
At the close, the Junior Market Index declined by a mere 3.26 points to 2552.21, and the average PE Ratio of the Junior Market ended at 10.7 based on IC’s forecast of 2020-21 earnings.
The market closed with trading volume surging 296 percent and the value of stocks traded climbing 183 over Friday’s levels and ending with an exchange of 5,577,292 shares at $13,949,566 compared to 1,406,824 units amounting to $4,933,149 on Friday.
Mailpac Group led trading with 2.84 million shares for 51 percent of total volume followed by Limners and Bards with 716,517 units for 12.8 percent of the day’s trade and iCreate with 345,873 units for 6.2 percent market share.
An average of 174,290 units at $435,924 in contrast to an average of 43,963 at $154,161 on Friday. An average of 279,101 units traded at $746,924 for the month to date, in contrast to 285,048 units at $782,092 on Friday. Trading in June resulted in an average of 245,049 units at $689,955 trading.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading for the market shows three stocks ended with bids higher than their last selling prices and four with lower offers.
At the close of the market, AMG Packaging added 1 cent to end at $1.75 while exchanging 9,871 units, Blue Power carved out a loss 10 cents to settle at $3.30, with 110,383 shares passing through the market, Cargo Handlers declined by 10 cents in closing at $7.60, after crossing the exchange, with 170 units. Caribbean Assurance Brokers advanced 10 cents to $2.25, with an exchange of 14,184 shares, Caribbean Cream in rising by 34 cents, closed at $3.99, with 25,692 units clearing the market, Caribbean Producers fell 8 cents to $2.35 with an exchange of 68,142 stock units. Derrimon Trading shed 5 cents to end at $2.25 trading 101,927 stock units, Dolphin Cove fell $1, ending at $7 with an exchange of 4,890 shares, Everything Fresh carved out a loss 1 cent in closing at 73 cents in exchanging 201 stock units. Express Catering fell 22 cents to settle at $4.09 in trading 1,985 stock units, Fontana gained 3 cents to close at $5.08 and finishing trading 228,417 stock units, General Accident gained 5 cents after ending at $6.70 in an exchange of 12,111 shares. GWest Corporation lost 1 cent to close at 88 cents trading 200 shares, Honey Bun advanced by 10 cents to settle at $5.40, with 23,860 stock units changing hands, Indies Pharma declined 10 cents to $2.90 in an exchange of 35,676 units. ISP Finance dropped by 5 cents after closing at $15.80 and trading 100 shares, Jamaican Teas added 1 cent to close at $5 with investors switching ownership of 37,131 shares, Jetcon Corporation fell 2 cents to settle at 92 cents to finish with 65,662 stock units changing hands. Lasco Financial increased 5 cents to settle at $2.55 with 1,550 stock units crossing the exchange, Lasco Manufacturing climbed 9 cents to $3.65 in trading 200,000 units, Limners and Bards dropped 5 cents to end at $2.60, with 716,517 shares changing hands. Lumber Depot lost 1 cent to close at $1.04 trading 224,046 shares, Mailpac Group fell 14 cents to settle at $2 in trading 2,842,033 stock units, Medical Disposables increased 70 cents in closing at $5.90 with 13,488 shares clearing the market. Stationery and Office Supplies gained 8 cents and ending at $5.98 in trading 481 units and tTech carved out a gain of 67 cents to settle at $6.67 in trading 213,193 shares.

Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.


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