Berger buyout offer extended

Berger Paints is worth more than $20 per share.

Ansa Coatings International, the major shareholder in Berger Paints Jamaica, announced an extension of their offer to acquire minority shares in the company to October 9.
No other change has been made to the offer and no reasons have been given for the extension.
It may be that the circular containing the recommendation of the directors having just been released at the end of last week would not have given enough time for some shareholders to respond to the recommendations. It is also an indication that the majority of the shareholders are not buying into the price being offered. If they were it would be expected that the extension notice would have mentioned a high level of acceptance and so encourage others to do likewise.
Berger’s minority shareholders are being offered $10.88 for each share, but the price has been consistently above this price for most of 2017 while the value based on earnings and market valuation being in the $20 range.

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