All Jamaica index jumps to record 352,258 points

The All Jamaican Composite Index of the Jamaica Stock Exchange having cleared the 351,000 points mark after just 5 minutes of opening, with NCB Financial trading at $110 has now broken the 352,000 after 42 minutes of trading.
The All Jamaican Composite Index jumped 3,325.45 to a record 352,257.65 and the JSE Index climbed 3,029.87 points to 320,946.53 points while the Junior Market rose 50.08 to cut sharp fall on Thursday of more than 57 points and now sits at 3,227.22 points.
Apart from a sharp rise in the price of NCB shares, Grace Kennedy rose to $60, and JMMB Group climbed to $29. Kingston Wharves has a bid of $60 compared to a last price of $53 and could add quite a bit to the indices when it trades.

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