Grace set to make big price leap

Grace Kennedy traded at a 52 weeks’ high on JSE on Friday..

The Jamaica stock market is at an interesting stage, with supply of many stocks offered for sale, getting more scarce by the day, while interest rates are at their lowest levels in Jamaica’s history but are most are valued  at levels when interest rates were in the teens.
The main market has gained 8,387.30 points in July, and is now a record high as of Friday with gains of 9,486.57 since the start of July, thus mirroring the start of the usual summer rally on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, while the Junior Market continues to bounce and is now at a 9 months’ high.
Liquidity is very high and forcing interest rates lower as investors try to place funds on hands. As liquidity rise in the market supply of stocks is on the decline. Some of stock with scarce supplies include Grace Kennedy that has just one offer priced at $80 when the market closed on Friday, NCB Financial that is now trading over $100 is not far behind with limited offers. It has been years that the supply of Grace stock has been this low and suggest a big upward price move.

The All Jamaica Composite index now braking out of a narrow upward sloping channel going back to November 2017.

Berger Paints, Caribbean Cement, JMMB Group, Kingston Wharves, PanJam Investment, Sagicor Group, Seprod and Scotia Group with only 362,000 units on offer are amongst some that have very limited supplies being offered for sale on the market. But the main market is not the only segment with limited supplies.Over in the Junior market where demand is not as great as in 2017, supplies are limited for many of the listings. The list includes, Blue Power, Caribbean Flavours, Cargo Handlers, Derrimon Trading, Express Catering, Caribbean Cream, Medical Disposables and Stationery and Office Supplies. Caribbean Producers closed trading at $5.80 at the end of the previous week and ended this past week at $6.22 and may well go higher this coming week as it closed with a bid at $6.20. A number of these stocks could lead the break out of the markets in a big way when investors on a whole come to the realization that with interest rates now below 2 percent,

Medical Disposables profit jumps 49 percent before foreign exchange loss in Q1.

that the old accepted PE ratio of 10 being reasonable to value stocks, is no longer accepted and that ratios of 20 to 30 will become the norm going forward. Investors only need to look at stocks in in Trinidad and Tobago where PEs have been in the 20 level for years to understand where we will be heading in the not too distant future.
The main market continues to be steered higher by an upward sloping support line as well the 45 and 125 day moving averages, lending support just below the index and the Junior Market that is at a 9 month high, is being steered by an upward rising long term support line and the start of a golden cross.

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