10 stocks for 10 years

In the world of investing, it would be nice to find big winners at all times and invest in them just before their prices explode; that is not how stock markets work. Most investors need to buy and wait, to be rewarded with much higher prices later on. History is replete with many examples that show patience paying off handsomely.
In more recent times, some investors are demonstrating levels of exuberance in buying some stocks at excessive values that will take a long time to generate a reasonable return on investment.
In Jamaica, over the past few years, there are several stocks that recorded huge gains, allowing persons who hold them for years to make a bungle. One of the most celebrated is Lascelles DeMercado is no longer listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange having been acquired by Angostura in late 2007 for the equivalent of $643 or US$10.65 per share valuing the company at $61.7 billion. The stock traded at $4.25 (the equivalent of 10.5 cents) in 1983, with 2.4 million shares issued, valuing the group then at just $10 million and it gained 6,000 percent between 1983 and 2007. In other words, a $10,000 investment in 1983 would be worth over $6 million in 2007. How many persons saw that coming? Not many but some seasoned investors did. But Lascelles is not the only stock on the local market to provide rich rewards for Investors.
What the information above shows is that long term investment can be very rewarding. This is especially so for persons with limited time to spend monitoring their investment on an ongoing basis.
In 2017, this publication recited portions of an article captioned “Teachings from silly Unilever Investors.”  “In 2013 ICInsider.com posted a report on the Unilever Caribbean, a company based in Trinidad and traded on the country’s stock exchange. “
”Since the report, the company stock has been on a downward slope after rising to a new record in 2013. On November 8, 2017, Jamaica Stock Exchange Junior Market listed Knutsford Express, after a long period of overvaluation relative to the market, dropped $2.75 as demand for the stock evaporated. Similarly, Cargo Handlers was pushed unrealistically to $30, only for it to currently be trading at $10, which is still above normal valuation. This latter stock came as a big buy recommendation on the way up by a brokerage house at the time.
Unilever’s profit peaked in the period to September 2014 and started a downhill ride since, but investors kept on pushing the price higher until it peaked at an unrealistically high of TT$68.30 in December 2015.”
The IC Insider.com recommendation at the time was as follows: When stock prices rise much faster than the growth in profits, time out is needed to discover what is happening. That recommendation is as true then as it is now.

Knutsford Express

Notably, after several years, all three of the above stocks are currently trading well below their peak while many other stocks in the markets have gone on to record high prices. At the last trade Unilever is trading at TT$15.20, Cargo Handlers for a long time around $7, but recently hit $12 and Knutsford that traded at a high of $17, with a PE of 31 now trades at $8, with a PE closer to 40.
Investing in undervalued stocks that have products to support growth, as was the case in Lascelles shares, can pay rich dividends over time.
Investors should be mindful of chasing after the popular stocks that are fully valued or overpriced as was the case in the above three stocks that failed to perform in more than four years while others have delivered outstanding gains. That is why ICInsider.com has come up with a list of 10 stocks in both the Main and Junior Markets that, in our estimation, are good candidates for long-term investment for the next ten years. The numbers climbed to 11 each as we could not separate the 11th ones from the lists. The listings are a compilation based on inputs from some knowledgeable investors as well as ICInsider.com’s own assessment. The selections are based on an evaluation of the quality of management, products and services each company offers to their customers, and prospects for growth by these companies and the economies they service.
Most importantly, the analysis considers that management has the quality or will get the talent to steer the companies successfully over a ten year period.
Note is taken of the local economy, the commitment to fiscal surplus or modest deficit financing if at all for a number of years. This will lead to low interest rates and stimulate long term economic growth, subject to world conditions. In such an environment investors can look to invest for the long term rather than a few months or years.
Caribbean Producers almost made the cut with expected strong growth in the tourism sector in which it is a major player, but the historical performance since it was listed on the Junior Market in 2012, leaves doubt if management can in fact deliver predictable good returns for investors over the next ten years.
ICInsider.com was assisted with the selection by Karl Wynter and an individual investor, with years of managerial experience working for some leading groups in the Caribbean. Karl Wright former head of VM Group and individual investor, Ryan Strachan of GK Capital and Nigel Coke former investment advisor and trader at one of the leading Jamaican stockbrokers and an individual investor.

Coming in two separate articles are commentaries on the rationale for each selection. 

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