Trading climbs on Junior Market – Wednesday

The Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange declined further on Wednesday, following Tuesday’s big fall but with a more balanced advance decline ratio, with 158 percent greater volume and at 209 percent more value.
Investors exchanged 29  securities, up from 25 on Tuesday, but pushed down prices of 10 while moving 9 higher and left 10 unchanged, leading to the market index dropping 30.97 points to close at 2,993.94, down 7.8 percent for the year to date.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows 3 stocks ended with bids higher than their last selling prices and 4 with lower offers.
Trading resulted in an exchange of 4,599,999 units valued at $17,666,220 or 209 percent greater than $5,720,615 on Tuesday from 1,785,030 units changing hands. Trading ended with an average of 158,621 units for an average of $609,180 in contrast to 71,401 units for an average of $228,825 on Tuesday. The average volume and value for the month to date amounts to units 115,502 valued at $409,958 and previously 108,316 valued at $376,754 for each security traded. In contrast, March closed with an average of 195,942 shares valued at $777,498 for each security traded.
At the close of the market, Access Financial exchanged 27,372 shares at $45.50, AMG Packaging ended with a loss of 7 cents at $2.23, with 40,500 stock units changing hands, Blue Power concluded trading with 100 units at $4.50, Caribbean Cream ended with a loss of 20 cents at $5.30, with an exchange of 17,000 shares. Caribbean Flavours lost 15 cents to close at $16.80, with 117 stock units crossing the exchange, Caribbean Producers finished trading 10,950 units, 10 cents higher at $4.70, Derrimon Trading gained 10 cents to end at $2.50, while 94,050 shares were exchanged. Everything Fresh finished with a loss of 1 cent at $1.40, with 65,492 stock units changing hands, Elite Diagnostic lost 1 cent to end at $2.90, with 19,661 units trading, Express Catering ended trading 174,327 shares, with a loss of 40 cents at $7.50, FosRich Group traded 21,204 shares with a loss of 30 cents in closing at $4. Fontana finished 20 cents higher at $4, trading 223,817 shares, General Accident closed with a loss of 20 cents at $4, with 50,300 stock units changing hands, GWest Corporation ended 5 cents higher at $1.35, with 25,000 units crossing the exchange, Honey Bun concluded trading of 5,100 shares, with a loss of 10 cents at $3.70. iCreate closed at 98 cents, with an exchange of 5,500 shares, Indies Pharma  finished at $3.03, in exchanging of 1,754,506 shares, Jamaican Teas traded 500 units 20 cents higher, at $3.70,  Jetcon Corporation  ended trading of 40,424 shares at $2.50, Key Insurance closed 5 cents higher at $3.05, with 13,000 shares crossing the exchange. KLE Group ended 5 cents higher at $2.70, with an exchange of 417 shares, Knutsford Express  concluded trading with 11,842 stock units at $11.90,  Lasco Distributors  closed at $3.70, as 1,480,615 units changed hands, Lasco Financial  settled with a loss of 40 cents at $4.10, as 26,130 shares traded. Lasco Manufacturing ended trading of 316,736 shares, at $3.21, Main Event traded 57,209 shares, 1 cent higher to end at $5.41, SSL Venture Capital rose 5 cents higher to $1.65, trading 11,530 shares and Stationery and Office concluded trading at $6.75, with 100,200 shares passing through the exchnage. In the junior market preference segment, CAC 2000 closed at $1.15, with 6,400 shares changing hands.

Prices of securities trading for the day are those at which the last trade took place.

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