Sygnus Credit profit exceeding projections

Sygnus Credit Investments (SCI) raised approximately US$16 million in capital from institutional and accredited high net worth investors following a private placement in May 2017 and began operating on July 1, 2017.
By the end of December last year, Investment Income amounting to US$500,568 was earned, with total Expenses amounting to US$106,858, resulting in Net Investment Income of US$393,710, which represents the Company’s core operating earnings, data from the company’s interim results show. Unrealized gain of US$290,650 due to the appreciation of the Jamaican dollar against the US dollar, on an investments in Portfolio Companies that are denominated in Jamaican currency. This unrealized gain may fluctuate depending on movement in the Jamaican currency versus the US currency. Net Income after Income taxes of US$3,893 amounted to US$680,467 representing 0.01 cent per share, based on a weighted average number of ordinary stock units of 64,503,985.
The Company recorded Other Comprehensive Income of US$310,475 reflecting fair value gains on its investment in Portfolio Companies resulting in Total Comprehensive Income of US$990,942 for the period.
The net results for the period does not include Management Fees to be charged from January 2018 along with Performance Fees. Management Fees are computed at 1.9% of assets under management. Performance fees are computed at 15% of the return on equity above a hurdle rate of 6%.
The company has US$11.6 million invested in four Portfolio Companies in Energy Distribution, Beverage Manufacturing, Commodity Distribution and Food Distribution. At the current pace of investment, SCI is sourcing and investing an average of US$1.9 million in transactions per month, which is a faster velocity than anticipated a report by the company states.
The investment in Portfolio Companies is earning income at a yield of 10.3 percent. US$6.5 million or 56.6 percent of the initial investment in Portfolio Companies is structured with profit participation and other upside structures. At the end of 2017, the overall investment pipeline stood at US$30 million, including US$7.9 million with signed mandates. The demand is likely to be funded by new shares to be sold to the public this year.
Shareholder’s equity grew to US$16,705,798 at the end of 2017. The Company issued 159,269,523 ordinary shares initially at a price of US$0.10 and J$12.86 per share and has a book value of US$0.1049 or J$13.04 per share.
Sygnus Credit Investments is a specialty private credit investment company, focused on providing non-traditional financing to medium-sized firms across the wider Caribbean region. The investment objective of the Company is to generate attractive risk adjusted returns with an emphasis on principal protection, by generating current income, and to a lesser extent capital appreciation, through investments primarily in medium-sized firms using private credit instruments.
The Company targets Companies operating across a broad range of sectors, including manufacturing, distribution, financial services, energy, real estate, transportation, infrastructure and business services. Target companies typically have revenues between US$5 million and US$25 million.
Chairman of the board is Clement Wainright Iton, B.Sc., MBA, Non-executive Directors are Nakita Edwards CFA, FCCA,CPA, Hope Fisher, B.Sc, Ian Williams B.Sc, MBA,Peter Thompson, CFA, MSc, Damian Chin, BA, MSc and Ike Johnson, PhD, CFA. Executive directors are Jason Morris CFA and Beresford Grey.

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