Sharp Junior Market rebound – Tuesday

Stocks jumped 94.40 points to close at 2,888.22 after rising and declining stocks matched each other in trading on Tuesday on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange as investors exchanged 91 percent fewer shares than on Monday.

Junior Market making a strong recovery from 2020 plunge.

Trading ended with 39 securities versus 38 on Monday with 16 rising, 16 declining and seven closing unchanged.
The average PE Ratio ended at 15.1 based on’s forecast of 2020-21 earnings.
Trading accounts for 6,496,040 shares for $19,574,623 down from 74,563,869 units at $122,016,255 on Monday. Jamaican Teas led trading with 21 percent of total volume for 1.36 million shares, followed by Lumber Depot 16.5 percent with 1.07 million units and Mailpac Group with 15.2 percent after a transfer of 987,293 units. Trading averaged 166,565 units at $501,913 down from 1,962,207 at $3,210,954 on Monday. The month to date averaged 431,459 units at $1,026,262, compared to 457,286 units at $1,077,386 on Monday. January closed with an average of 232,651 units at $569,885.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows four stocks ended with bids higher than their last selling prices and four with lower offers. At the 1 o’clock close, AMG Packaging rose 14 cents to $1.80 trading 2,404 shares, Blue Power dropped 30 cents to $2.85 in an exchange of 1,234 stock units, Cargo Handlers climbed 19 cents to $6.71 with 7,904 stock units trading. Caribbean Assurance Brokers lost 7 cents to finish at $1.73 trading 8,412 stocks, Caribbean Flavours fell 15 cents to $1.95 after a transfer of 72,479 shares, Consolidated Bakeries gained 14 cents to close at $1.45 with 13,770 shares changing hands. Dolphin Cove climbed 45 cents to $7.50 with an exchange of 18 stocks, Elite Diagnostic advanced 25 cents to $3 with 6,160 stock units crossing the exchange, Express Catering dropped 18 cents to $3.50 with 3,136 shares traded. Fontana slipped 7 cents to $6.13 with a transfer of 214,490 shares, Fosrich fell 19 cents to $4.11 with 212,281 stock units changing hands, General Accident lost 12 cents to close at $5.31 with an exchange of 158,474 shares. Indies Pharma rose 8 cents to $3.05 trading 189,042 units, Jamaican Teas climbed 31 cents trading 1,364,296 stock units to close at a record high of $3.68, KLE Group advanced 22 cents to $1.40 with a transfer of 2,750 shares. Lasco Financial climbed 9 cents to $2.78 with 565,521 stock units changing hands, Lasco Manufacturing rose 6 cents to $4.32 with an exchange of 222 stock units, Lumber Depot rose 18 cents to $2.68 with 1,068,851 shares passing through the market. Mailpac Group gained 16 cents trading 987,293 shares to settle at $3.65, Main Event lost 9 cents to close at $3.01 with a transfer of 2,029 shares and Stationery and Office Supplies climbed 25 cents $4.53 with 810 stocks crossing the exchange.
In the preference segment, CAC 2000 9.5%slipped 5 cents to $1.10 with 13,420 units changing hands.  Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

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