Sagicor Group Q2 profit up 40%

Sagicor Group & PanJam hit new closing highs.

Sagicor Group is reporting profit attrib8uutabel to shareholders for the June quarter of $3.69 billion up from $2.70 billion in the first quarter this year and 40 percent higher than the $2.64 billion in the 2018 second quarter.
For the six months to June net profit of $6.39 billion attributable to stockholders rose 21 percent over the similar period in 2018. Earnings per share come out at $1.64 per share for the half-year and 95 cents for the quarter.
According to the report accompanying the results, “the current year-to-date results benefited mainly from overall good new business and portfolio growth which were both better than the prior year. The 2018 numbers included large impairment charges on Government of Barbados and other bonds. There were other factors that influenced the outcome for the period, these include, The fluctuating rate of the Jamaican dollar to the US dollar which reached a decline of 5.5 percent in April compared to the rate at December 2018 and by June bounced back to a 2.9 percent decline. The Group picked-up both realized trading gains and unrealized revaluation gains for higher US dollar positions. Appreciation of the Jamaica Stock Exchange main index which grew by 23 percent during the six months period. The Group picked-up good trading gains and increased bond prices on USA stock markets.”
Sagicor Bank enjoyed an excellent period contributing net profits of $1.04 billion for the current period, versus $772 million recorded in 2018, from revenues of $6.36 billion, 18 percent more than the prior year.
The stock traded on the Jamaica Stock Exchange on Tuesday at $58.

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