Sagicor Group & Jam Teas in IC TOP 10

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Sagicor Group dropped to $44 at the close of the market for the past week and edged back into the IC’s main market TOP 10, while Jamaican Teas closed at $3.60 and returned to the Junior Market TOP 10.
Berger Paints climbed to $21 at the end of last week and fell out of the top stocks, along with Main Event with a rise to $5.80 from $5 at the close of the previous week.
The three leading Junior Market stocks for the coming week are Caribbean Producers with projected gains of 281 percent, Iron Rock with potential gains of 243 percent and Lasco Financial with potential gains of 241 percent.
Victoria Mutual Investments remains the top Main Market stock with 167 percent likely gain, followed by Radio Jamaica with 159 percent and Sterling Investments with potential to gain 151 percent.
 Wigton Windfarm, Jamaica’s latest initial public share offer, falls to the number 5 position on the stock list. The stock comes to the market at 50 cents per share and boast a PE of 8.3 times based on normalized earnings for the year to March 2019. Caribbean Cement reported strong first quarter results and should move out of the TOP 10 this week.
The main market, closed the week with the overall PE at 13.4 and the Junior Market at just 10. The PE ratio for Junior Market Top 10 stocks average 6.4 and the main market PE is now 8.2. These levels, point to the huge upside for the TOP 10 stocks over the next 12 months.
The TOP 10 stocks now trade at an average discount of 36 percent to the average for the Junior Market Top stocks and main market stocks trade at a discount of 39 percent to the overall market.
TOP 10 stocks are likely to deliver the best returns within a 12 months period. Projected earnings, for each company’s current fiscal year, are used in determining, the selected stocks. The PE for and projected earnings for each stock are computed to show potential gains for the year, which are ranked in descending order. Potential values will change as stock prices fluctuate and will result in movements of the selection in and out of the lists for most weeks. Earnings per share are revised on an ongoing basis as new information is received that can result in changes in and out of the list.

This report is compiled by persons who may have interest in the securities commented on.


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