Rule changes likely for Trinidad Stock Exchange

Many investors are concerned about the long held view that the trading of odd lots should not be used to set stock prices but this practice was changed by Jamaica Stock Exchange in recent years along with the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange (TTSE).
Well the TTSE is currently, redrafting rules to enhance the speed and transparency of transactions and trades. According to a release from the TTSE, “the revisions are taking place under the guidance of the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission and will be available for public review when completed, the Exchange disclosed.”
The revisions are expected to tighten regulation of companies listed on the TTSE, securities traded on behalf of investors, which is hoped will help boost public confidence in the role and function of trading on the capital market.
The main revisions to the Rules include proposed amendments to Disclosure Rules of listed companies which will be clarified further and possible violations will be included in the scope of self-regulatory supervision.
Proposed Changes to the Closing Price Methodology will restrict small volume trades from being included in the calculation of the day’s closing price and the proposed adjustment to the settlement period will reduce the settlement period from three business days.

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