Rita’s 14% of Barita value exceeds 62%

Rita Humphries-Lewin and husband Carl.

Rita Humphries-Lewin sold 81.56 percent of her shares in Barita Investments and collected $2.64 billion for it, but the amount she retained is now valued more than the amount sold in August this year, to Conerstone Investments Holdings.
Up to early part of August, Humphries-Lewin owned 339,975,664 in Barita Investments or 76.25 percent of the total issued shares. At the takeover price of $9.20 that was valued at $3.13 billion. She retained 62.7 million shares representing 14.06 percent of the issued shares, now valued by the market at $2.92 billion.
With the price of the stock reaching $46.50 on Monday, the vastly reduced ownership is worth almost what the full 76 percent holding in the company was priced at, based on the acquisition price, when Conerstone acquired 75 percent of the company.
Humphries-Lewin would have collected from the shares she sold but the amount she retained
On the other hand,Cornerstone paid $3.07 billion for 75 percent of Barita but based on the latest price for the stock the block is now valued at $15.5 billion representing a huge gain of $12.4 billion in a matter of 4 months.
The new majority owners have big plans for the company that could well push the valued much higher in the not too distant future.

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