Remittances jump 21% or US$500m in 2020

Remittance inflows to Jamaica is up a strong 21 percent for 2020, with inflows jumping US$499.4 million to a record US$2.905 billion for January to December 2020 period, with the United States contributing US$386 million of the increase, data out of Bank of Jamaica shows.
The USA accounted for $1.69 billion of total inflows while the United Kingdom provided US$271 million. up by $34 million, Canada delivered US$52 million more than in 2019 after landing US$257 million in 2020. Contributions from the Cayman Islands, Jamaica’s fourth largest contributor to the country’s remittances, were virtually flat year over year, with US$145 million of inflows in 2020 versus US$142 million in 2019.
In the first two months of the year, gross inflows rose 9 percent and 8 percent, respectively, but fell 9 percent in March and 10 percent in April, compared with the same periods in 2019. In May, inflows rose 16 percent but jumped sharply by 42 percent in June, to record the highest growth for the year with inflows of $275 million. The other months of the year grew in the 30 percent range, except for November that increased by 19 percent.
Inflows for December grew 35 percent to record the highest monthly inflow for the year at US$301 million. July followed with US$293 million, increasing 37 percent over the 2019 period and August was next with US$280 million with an increase of 31 percent over 2019.

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