Purity can turn around 2017 loss this year

Consolidated Bakeries (Purity) make a loss in 2017 but could return to profit in 2018.

Profit melted away at Consolidated Bakeries for 2017 with a loss of $40 million down from a profit of $10 million in 2016 from sale revenues that slipped from $880 million to $863 million.
The company continued the loss right through to the year with a loss of $9 million before differed tax charge in the final quarter but the 2017 loss was lower than the loss of $20 million in the same period in 2016. Closer examination of the results show hope for the company going forward, into 2018
While revenues for the year fell 2 percent it rose 10 percent in the December quarter and helped to improve gross profit to 39 percent from just 31 percent in 2016 quarter. The 2017 final quarter was also much higher than the 35 percent for the full year.
Cost appeared mixed, with marketing and sales expenses rising 31 percent to $55 million and 17 percent to $158 million as this category of cost out stripped revenues by a big margin.
Administrative expenses fell 41 percent to $23 million in the quarter and fell 3 percent for the year to $158 million. Finance cost jumped in the quarter, to $16 million from $7 million, in 2016 and from $12 million to $19 million for the year.

Consolidated Bakeries Miss Birdie Easter bun.

Revaluation of the Jamaican dollar cost the company $4 in the final quarter and resulted in reduction in other income ending with a negative $2.5 million versus $5.5 in 2016 and just 875,000 for the full year versus $9 million, while the big jump in Finance cost in the December quarter seems to be one off, as such without these two items the company would have reported a profit for the quarter and augurs well for the 2018 results.
Gross cash flow was negative $7 million but growth in receivables, inventories, addition to fixed assets and drawn down on investments was offset by net loan inflows and increased payables and increased in bank overdraft ended at $74 million. At the end of December, shareholders’ equity stands at $716 million which was boosted by gain on revaluation of land and building by $206 million. Borrowings at just $135 million. Net current assets ended the period $92 million well over payables of $77 million.
Earnings per share was negative for the quarter and the fiscal year. The stock traded at $2 on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange with a PE ratio of 12 times 2018 estimated earnings of 17 cents. Earnings could be more if revenues were to increase above 10 percent for 2018.

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