Public gets few Dollas for their effort

Public stock issues continue to deliver miniscule amounts to investors, but more so for those who are not accorded preferential status by the offering company.
The latest IPO by Dolla Financial falls well into the above category with the general public getting up to 10,000 shares plus a pro-rata allocation of approximately 2.50 percent of the excess shares for which they applied, this contrast with applicants in the Key Partner Reserve Pool who will receive a full allotment.
At the same time, applicants in the Company Reserve Pool will receive up to the first 8,500,000 shares, plus approximately 2.49 percent of the excess shares which was applied for above the Company Reserve Pool Base Allotment.
Refunds for amounts in excess of the cost of allotment will commence on June 8 and will be made to the broker account provided by applicants.

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