Profit jumps 80% at Jamaica Stock Exchange

Profit soared 80 percent in the 2018 first quarter for the Jamaica Stock Exchange to, $101 million from $56 million in 2017 on a strong 45 percent jump in revenues.
Revenues rose, to $350 million from $241 billion in 2017 as income from Cess almost doubled to $126 million from $69 million and fee income rose from $134 million to $188 million. Expenses increased a robust 28 percent from $162 million in the March 2017 period to $207 million.
Earnings per share for the quarter is 14 cents compared to 8 cents for the quarter to March last year, suggesting earnings for the full year could be around 60 cents. These results now mean that the stock cannot be considered over valued at 11 time earnings at the last price the stock traded of $7, on the main market of the Exchange.
Gross cash flowbrought in $105 million but growth in receivables of $137 million used up a large portion of the funds generated.
At the end of March, shareholders’ equity stood at $1.04 billion with no borrowings showing on the financial statement. Net current assets ended the period $400 million well over payables of $263 million.

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