NCB pushes All Jamaica to intraday record

NCB stock jumped to $120 in early trading on Tuesday.

The main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange appears to be trading in a new record territory on Tuesday Morning with NCB Financial pushing the market indices much higher than at Monday’s close.
At this stage of trading it is unclear exactly where the indices are as NCB opened at $199.01, just seconds after the market opened, but that trade was cancelled as it was outside the 30 percent range permitted by the Exchange in a day. At the time of writing, the records have the All Jamaica Composite Index up 5,408.08 points to 378,261.05. The JSE Index surged 4,927.37 points to a record 344,638.58. The price for NCB Financial used to compute the index is $120.65 but that is just over $1.65 too high, as such the main market indices is about 1,500 points overstated but that would still mean that the indices would be trading at new record territory beating the previous high of 375,307.08 reached last week.
The Junior Market that hit a new closing high on Monday has retreated by 21.92 points to 3,370.66.

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