More slippage for JSE stocks

More prices of stocks declined in main market trading on the Jamaica Stock Exchange on Monday, leading to the JSE All Jamaican Composite Index falling 1,124.08 points to 423,656.74 and the JSE Index declining 1,021.46 points to 385,981.56 on a day when volume trading jumped sharply.
At the close of market, the main and US markets traded 39 securities, compared to 37 trading on Friday as 12 advanced, 14 declined and 13 traded without changes in prices.
Main market activity ended with 36,767,031 units valued at $321,823,355 trading, compared to 4,603,011 units valued $150,633,830 changing hands, on Friday.
Kingston Properties led trading with 18.7 million shares for 50.85 percent of the day’s volume, Sagicor Real Estate Fund ended with 15.5 million units, for 42 percent of the total main market volume changing hands and Mayberry Jamaican Equities ended with 764,943 units, for just 2 percent of the day’s volume.
Market activity ended with an average 1,081,383 units valued at $9,465,393, in contrast to 135,383 shares valued at $4,430,407 on Friday. The average volume and value for the month to date, amounts to 437,535 shares at $6,330,866 shares, in contrast to 391,249 shares at $7,075,160 on the prior trading day. Trading for February resulted in an average of 281,016 shares with a value of $11,715,160, for each security traded.
IC bid-offer Indicator|The Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator ended with the reading showing 8 stocks ending with bids higher than their last selling prices and 3 closing with lower offers.
In main market activity, Berger Paints rose 49 cents and ended at $20, with an exchange of 10,250 stock units, Caribbean Cement closed with a gain of 98 cents to finish at $52, with 23,970 shares changing hands, Grace Kennedy rose 50 cents in trading 15,064 stock units, to close at $60.50. Jamaica Broilers finished trading of 42,075 units at $32.30, after falling $1.69. Jamaica Producers shed 34 cents and closed at $23.15, with 3,460 shares changing hands, JMMB Group concluded trading of 8,502 shares with a decline of by 50 cents to close at $31.51, Kingston Properties dropped 60 cents to settle at $6, trading 18,697,750 shares.  Kingston Wharves dropped $2 to settle at $75, with an exchange of 3,500 units, Mayberry Investments rose by 50 cents and ended trading of 60,000 shares, at $9.50, Sagicor Group rose $1 in trading 100,736 shares, to close at $40. Salada Foods jumped $4.70 in trading 2,975 units to close at $32.70, Stanley Motta rose 40 cents to close at $4.90, trading 100,000 shares, Supreme Ventures  rose $1 to finish at $23 with 78,766 units changing hands and Victoria Mutual Investments  rose 35 cents to finish at $4, with an exchange of 493,408 units.
Trading in the US dollar market resulted in 5,055,932 units valued at US$539,604 changing hands. JMMB Group 5.75% preference share ended trading of 2,751 stock units at $1.50, JMMB Group  6% preference share traded 22,233 units at US$1.04 and  JMMB Group  5.75% customers’ preference share settled at US$2 in trading 974 shares. Proven Investments closed trading with 19,360 units changing hands at 21.5 US cents and Sygnus Credit Investments USD ordinary shares traded 5,010,614 lost 1 cent to close at 10.1 US cents The JSE USD Equities Index fell 1.20 points to close at 174.88.

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