Juniors moved higher – Friday

Honey Bun dropped sharply by $1.62 on Friday to hit $5.25 at the close.

Honey Bun dropped sharply by $1.62 on Friday to hit $.525 at the close.

Trading in the junior market ended on Friday with increased participation of securities, with 16 being active, leading to 8 advancing and 4 declining. In spite of the increased participation, the junior index climbed 19.61 points to 2,234.65. At the close 2,704,040 shares, valued at $10,558,176 changed hands.
The bids for 9 stocks closed higher than their last selling prices and 3 ended with lower offers.
At the end of trading, Access Financial Services traded 4,500 units at $17, AMG Packaging rose 40 cents in trading 1,823 shares at $12.40, Caribbean Cream gained 30 cents to end at $4.45, after trading 12,400 shares. JM sum 10-6-16rCaribbean Flavours gained 65 cents and ended with 33,853 shares changing hands at $7.50, Caribbean Producers traded 5,500 shares to close at $4.10, Consolidated Bakeries traded 10,000 shares to close at $2, C2W Music traded 20,000 shares to end at 43 cents. Derrimon Trading fell 55 cents to $3.30, with 3,000 shares changing hands, General Accident Insurance gained 2 cents while trading 2,000 shares at $2.32, Honey Bun dropped sharply from its recent all-time high of $7.50 by 14 percent, by slashing $1.62 in trading on Friday with 243,212 units changing hands, to end at $5.25.JM Trdng Sht-10-6-16 A director sold 2 million units of Jamaican Teas shares with the price falling 10 cents as a total of 2,020,886 shares were traded to close at $3.10, Jetcon Corporation had 280,878 units changing hands at $2.65 after falling 5 cents. Lasco Distributors rose 34 cents in trading 2,800 units to end at $7.99, Lasco Financial closed at $3.20 with 38,500 shares changing hands to gain 4 cents, while Lasco Manufacturing closed at $5.05 with 20,688 shares trading with the price rising 5 cents and Medical Disposables traded 4,000 units at $3.53.

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