Junior stocks surge in early trading – Tuesday

The junior market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange surged sharply on Tuesday morning, putting the years’ gains to 5.7 percent, as three juniors stocks traded at new highs. The main market fell appreciably with the All Jamaica composite index falling by nearly 1,000 points, with the other major indices declining as well.
Market activity has been moderate so far and resulted in 33 securities traded at 10:45 am, compared to 31 on Monday. A total of 13 securities advanced and 9 declined, resulting in a volume of 1,528,996 shares changing hands, carrying a value of $12,730,951, compared of 842,68 shares changing hands, carrying a value of $7,961,875 on Monday. The average number of shares traded, amount to 46,333 units versus 27,183 units on Monday.
Market activity was helped by Cargo Handlers trading at a new high of $20 with 27,765 units changing hands, Consolidated Bakeries traded 193,390 at a new high of $2.60 and Derrimon Trading had just 2,500 units trading at a new high of $6.
The all Jamaica Composite Index lost 851.92 points to 212,380.07, the Jamaica Stock Exchange Market Index fell 761.78 points 194,280.11 the Jamaica Stock Exchange combined index dipped 562.69 points to 208,112.16 and the junior market index rose 33.74 points to 2,739.37.

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