Junior Market pushes higher – Monday

Dolphin Cove closed at a 52 weeks; low on monday.

In an active trading session on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange pushed 12.62 points higher to close at 3,109.82 on Monday, with the prices of 11 securities rising and 7 falling.
Trading ended with 28 securities changing hands compared to 27 securities on Friday, at the close Dolphin Cove ended at a 52 weeks’ low while 10 stocks traded with no change to the closing price.
Market activities closed with an exchange of 2,108,297 units valued at $6,747,118 compared to 4,398,457 units valued at $19,730,388 on Friday.
Trading ended with an average of 75,296 units for an average of $240,969, in contrast to 162,906 units for an average of $730,755 on Friday. The average volume and value for the month to date amounts to units 288,915 valued at $744,601 and previously 309,902 valued at $794,081. In contrast, January closed with average of 2,245,428 units with a value of $7,372,574 for each security traded.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows 8 stocks ended with bids higher than their last selling prices and 5 with lower offers.
At the close of the market, AMG Packaging ended trading of 214,203 stock units to close at $2.50, Blue Power concluded trading of 25,696 units at $5, Caribbean Cream ended with a loss of 5 cents at $5.32, in exchange of 3,600 shares, Caribbean Producers closed at $4.70, with 27,535 units changing hands. Consolidated Bakeries lost 20 cents to end at $1.80, trading 38,000 shares, Derrimon Trading ended 25 cents higher at $2.70, with 1,000 shares changing hands, Dolphin Cove concluded trading of 830 shares, with a loss of 2 cents to end at a 52 weeks’ low of $12, Everthing Fresh finished 5 cents higher at $1.85, exchanging 209,862 stock units. Elite Diagnostic settled at $3.10, with 21,750 units trading. Express Catering ended trading of 8,860 shares, at $7.50, FosRich Group ended at $4.17, with 2,394 shares changing hands, Fontana traded 659,124 shares and moved 4 cents higher to $3.99, General Accident rose 1 cent higher to $4.01, with an exchange of 15,000 stock units. GWest Corporation ended 10 cents higher at $1.55, trading 345,727 units, Honey Bun concluded trading of 503 shares and rose 30 cents to $4, Indies Pharma finished 17 cents higher at $2.97, trading 32,758 shares, Jamaican Teas traded 126,358 units at $4. Jetcon Corporation finished trading of 9,700 shares at $3.07, Knutsford Express concluded trading with a loss of 30 cents at $12.70, with 370 stock units changing hands, Lasco Distributors  lost 29 cents at $3.70, with 18,809 units passing through the market, Lasco Financial  settled 15 cents higher at $4.50, as investors swapped 152,349 shares. Lasco Manufacturing  ended trading of 24,058 shares, with a loss of 3 cents at $3.16,  Main Event  traded 3,600 shares and climbed 31 cents higher to $5.81, Paramount Trading  closed at $2.40, while exchanging 52,155 units, SSL Venture Capital ended with a loss of 25 cents in closing at $1.70, trading 54,880 shares. Stationery and Office  concluded trading of 28,176 and rose 10 cents to close at $8.50 and tTech settled 91 cents higher at $6.75, with 30,000 stock units changing hands but the stock was on offer at $6.20 at the close. In the junior market preference segment, CAC 2000 preference share closed at $1, with 1,000 shares trading.

Prices of securities trading for the day are those at which the last trade took place.

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