Junior Market jumps sharply – Thursday

The Junior Market index jumped 76.57 points to close at 2,108.36 on Thursday for the first time since it last rose on Tuesday last week and stemming the flow of bleeding for five consecutive days of trading.
Trading ended with 37 securities changing hands with the prices of 17 securities advancing, ten declining and 11 stocks holding firm. Market activities ended with three finishing at 52 weeks’ lows with Access Financial trading at a low of $18, Everything Fresh at 65 cents and Indies Pharma at $1.93.
Trading resulted in an exchange of 3,923,029 units valued at $10,812,457 compared to 12,311,523 units valued at $19,911,394 on Wednesday, with the average market PE ratio ending at 10.1 times 2019 earnings.
The trading day ended with an average of 106,028 units at $292,229 for each security traded in contrast to an average of 332,744 units for $538,146 on Wednesday.  The average volume and value for the month to date amounts to 268,431 units valued at $623,974 and 282,671 units valued at $653,060. In contrast, February closed with an average of 167,673 units valued at $488,038 for each security traded.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows five stocks ended with bids higher than their last selling prices and five with lower offers.
At the close of the market, Access Financial fell $1.20 to $18 after exchanging 9,070 shares, AMG Packaging gained 31 cents in the trading of 45,400 units at $1.90, Blue Power slid 67 cents to $3 with 3,349 shares changing hands. Caribbean Assurance Brokers picked up 6 cents to settle at $2.01, with 203,463 shares traded. Caribbean Producers ended the day with 1,102,052 units changing hands after falling 1 cent to $2.50, Consolidated Bakeries closed with a gain of 1 cent at $1.26 in the swapping of 30,000 shares. Derrimon Trading gained 8 cents in trading 151,900 shares to close at $1.48, Everything Fresh exchanged 140,000 shares at 65 cents after losing 15 cents, Express Catering swapped 111,969 shares at $3.40 with gains of 40 cents, Fontana picked up 20 cents to close at $4 with 346,578 units traded. General Accident exchanged 81,830 shares and rose 79 cents to close at $5.09, GWest Corporation added 20 cents in trading of 1,669 units at 85 cents. Honey Bun ended 5 cents lower at $4.95 with 24,331 stock units changing hands, Indies Pharma fell by 4 cents in trading of 77,709 units at $1.93. ISP Finance shed $1 to end at $14, with an exchange of 200 units, Jamaican Teas added 98 cents in trading 60,625 shares at $4.98, Jetcon gained 13 cents in the swapping of 22,669 shares to close at $1.12, Key Insurance closed at $2.08, with gains of 8 cents exchanging 23,520 shares. Lasco Distributors gained 20 cents trading 1,100 stock units to settle at $2.20, Lasco Financial added 10 cents in trading of 60,130 units at $2.40, Lasco Manufacturing ended at $3 after gaining 20 cents with 55,747 stock units changing hands., Limners and Bards traded 31,005 shares after slipping 10 cents to end at $1.85. Lumber Depot closed at $1.21 with gains of 4 cents in swapping 144,020 shares, MailPac rose by 1 cent in trading of 438,215 units at $1.40, Main Event exchanged 32,088 shares to close at $3.80 after losing 20 cents, Medical Disposables added 30 cents in exchange of 2,000 units at $6. Paramount Trading closed 1 cent lower at $1.81 with 32,611 shares changing hands and SSL Venture traded 4,725 shares to end the day 10 cents lower at $1.

Prices of securities trading for the day are those at which the last trade took place.

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