Junior Market falls to end September

The Junior Market Index declined by 34.58 points to 3,395.02 at the close of trading after 25 securities changed hands, resulting in the prices of 10 securities rising, 10 declining and 5 remaining unchanged.
Market sentiment closed somewhat negatively at the end of trading on Friday, as the IC bid-offer Indicator was narrowly positive which is an indication of that declining stocks should exceed those advancing.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading had 8 stocks ending with bids higher than their last selling prices, 6 closed with lower offers.
Market activities, resulted in an exchange of 3,221,714 units valued at $11,222,507, compared to 2,433,731 units valued at $8,326,070 trading on Thursday from trading of 27 securities.
Trading closed with an average of 128,869 units for an average of $448,900 in contrast to 105,814 units for an average of $362,003 on Thursday. Trading for the month to date averages 484,335 for an average of $2,628,299 and on the prior trading day, an average of 502,180 units for an average of $2,737,706 units. Trading in August, averaged 244,613 units at $1,348,298 for each security traded.
At the close of trading, AMG Packaging ended 1 cent higher at $1.95, in exchanging 161,113 stock units, Blue Power concluded trading 60,693 units with a loss of 20 cents at $6.30, Caribbean Producers finished trading 3,597 units at $6.35, Consolidated Bakeries closed with a loss of 45 cents at $2, with 500 shares changing hands, Derrimon Trading ended 5 cents higher at $2.90, after exchanging 1,332,160 shares. Dolphin Cove concluded trading 13,815 shares and climbed 50 cents higher at $17, Elite Diagnostic finished 3 cents higher at $3.05, with 54,569 stock units changing hands, Everything Fresh fell 10 cents and ended trading of 336,061 shares at $2, Express Catering ended trading at $8.20, with 138,800 shares changing hands, FosRich Group traded 24,113 shares and rose 10 cents to $3.70. General Accident finished trading of 2,000 shares at $3.80, GWest Corporation closed with a loss of 5 cents at $2.05, after exchanging 24,594 stock units, Honey Bun ended with a loss of 5 cents at $3.95, with 106,500 units changing hands, Indies Pharma rose 1 cent with 622,577 shares changing hands to close at $3.40. Iron Rock concluded trading 10 cents higher at $4.60, with 13,000 shares. Jamaican Teas settled at $4.85, trading 100 shares, Jetcon Corporation ended trading 20 cents higher at $4, with 13,750 stock units, Key Insurance traded with a loss of 42 cents at $3.08, with 5,000 units changing hands, KLE Group finished trading 10,000 shares with a loss of 25 cents to close at $3.75. Lasco Distributors ended with a loss of 5 cents at $3.95, with 93,935 shares changing hands, Lasco Financial concluded trading of 114,689 stock units at $5.50, Lasco Manufacturing finished with a loss of 15 cents at $3.85, with 6,362 units trading, Main Event settled 30 cents higher at $6.40, with 10,558 shares changing hands, Medical Disposables dropped $2.40 t0 $5.50, with just 600 shares trading and Stationery and Office finished trading 19 cents higher at $9.19, with 72,628 stock units changing hands.
Prices of securities trading for the day are those at which the last trade took place.

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