JSE starts New Year with a bullish tone

Investors kept up the bullish stance in trading on the Jamaica Stock Exchange on the first trading day of the year with the All Jamaican Composite Index surging 8,895.04 points to 447,223.41, up from 438,328.37 at the close on Friday, with the Junior Market index(AJI) rising 45.88 points to 3474.18 from 3,428.30 on Friday.
By 10 am, the AJI had slipped down to 445,676.67 and the Junior Market index pulled back to 3,470.99.
On the Junior Market, Dolphin Cove jumped from $15 on Friday to $16.90 after trading 77,539 shares, Cargo Handlers dropped from $8.25 on Friday to $7.01 and MailPac fell from $3.78 to $3.50 and In the Main Market, NCB Financial fell from the last sale price of $128.70 to $125.

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