JSE marked time in trading on Tuesday

Barita ended on the JSE at a record close of $29.

The main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, made gains at the close of trading on Tuesday resulting in the JSE All Jamaican Composite Index advancing by 116.66 points to close at 432,988.75 and the JSE index rising 106.29 points to 394,501.73. 
At the end, 31 securities cahnged hands in the main and US dollar markets with prices of 14 stocks rosing, 11 declining and 6 remaining unchanged. Barita Investments ended at a record close and Salada Foods traded at an intraday high at $30.The main market ended with 4,732,702 units valued at $78,353,687 changing hands, compared with just 843,989 units valued at $24,687,711 that were exchanged on Monday.
Wisynco Group lead trading with 2,609,218 units, accounting for 55 percent of the day’s trades, followed by Stanley Motta with 509,500 units or 10.8 percent of the day’s volume and Victoria Mutual Investments with 230,707 units with 4.9 percent of the day’s trades.
IC bid-offer Indicator|The Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows 6 stocks ending with bids higher than the last selling prices and 2 closing with lower offers.
Trading resulted in an average of 157,757 units valued at over $2,611,790, in contrast to 33,760 shares valued at $987,508 on Monday. The average volume and value for the month to date amounts to 101,394 units valued at $1,873,480. November closed, with an average of 405,528 valued at $7,755,942, for each security traded.
In main market activity, Barita Investments rose $1.50 to end at a record close of $29, with 5,515 shares changing hands, Caribbean Cement fell 95 cents and finished trading of 37,015 shares at $44, Grace Kennedy climbed $1.50 in trading of 93,277 shares at $58, Jamaica Broilers fell 55 cents trading 25,312 stock units at $30.  Jamaica Stock Exchange climbed $1 to $10, trading 142,593 shares, Kingston Wharves rose $4 to $77, with 4,216 stock units changing hands. Mayberry Investments rose 41 cents trading 171,927 shares in closing at $9.98, NCB Financial Group gained $2.50 to end trading of 96,175 shares at $159.50, PanJam Investment dropped $2 to $68, with an exchange of 57,080 stock units, Palace Amusement gained $150 to $1,450, with 100 shares trading, Portland JSX rose 49 cents and ended at $7.50, with 638 units changing hands, Sagicor Group fell 95 cents to finish trading of 97,063 shares at $48.55, Sagicor Real Estate Fund fell 75 cents and settled at $11.10, with 14,650 shares. Scotia Group traded 55,696 shares and rose $1 to close at $58, Seprod fell 40 cents in trading of 86,259 shares, to close at $32 and Sygnus Credit Investments fell 35 cents to close at $10.65 trading 53,395 shares.
Trading in the US dollar market amounted to 72,343 units valued at $14,988 as Proven Investments ended trading at 21 US cents. The JSE USD Equities Index closed with a fall of 2.30 points to close at 166.25.

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