JSE at record high at opening

The Jamaica Stock Exchange hit a new record within 1 minute of today’s opening with the JSE All Jamaican Composite Index jumping 4,576.37 points to 327,071.44 and the JSE Index climbing 4,169.59 points to a record 297,999.05.
The move beat the previous record intraday high reached on March 9 of when the JSE All Jamaican Composite Index (AJI) surged 6,583.63 points to 325,588.39 and the JSE Index jumped 5,998.43 points to a record 296,647.83 at 10.26 in the morning session.
The Junior Market Index put on 11.32 points to trade at 2,942.63 as Express Catering jumped to $5.25 from $4.50 on Friday, following release of nine months results showing profit increasing 166 percent.
With just 5 minutes to 11am the gains for the main market were trimmed with the AJI being up 3,075.18 points to 325,570.25 and the JSE index was up 2,808.68 to 296,638.14 with the Junior Market index being up 15.45 points to 2,946.76.

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