JPS December bill confusion

JPSCustomers of the Jamaica Public Service Company should be enjoying a reduction to their bill for December due to over-billing of fuel charge in the month.
The problem is that while the company shows an amount for adjustment, there is no indication that it is being deducted from the charge for the month. There are no explanations sent with the bill to explain the changes, as such no one would be able to determine what had transpired.
One customer bill for November, had a balance due of $880 which was paid ahead of the payment date, but after the last statement. The latest bill does not show the balance shown by the November bill and the payment made to clear it, instead the new bill shows a phantom opening balance of $330.52 which happens to be equal to the amount of the adjustment less an early payment fee.
There is no explanation as to the reason why the correct opening balance has been removed along with the payment and a totally new balance placed on the statement. The latest bill shows in details charges for the current month’s bill that ends at $324.32 but shows after adjustment of $580.52 a balance of the same $324.32.
Unfortunately, the company’s service rep could not explain why the opening balance differed from that shown as the balance due on the prior bill. David Surjue, senior operations supervisor at JPS explained that the original billing for December had the incorrect charge for fuel and the opening balance represents the original billed amount for December which was reversed by the adjustment amount. He could not explain why the correct opening balance and payment were removed.
Customers deserve a full written explanation for what has happened and a proper audit trail linking the November bill with that for December.

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