John Burbank for Destination Experience

John Burbank

Hedge Fund Investor, John Burbank for is slated to be one of the presenters Destination Experience annual Jamaica conference.
Destination Experience announced speaker, John Burbank, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Passport Capital for their upcoming Visionaries’ Summit, May 17-19 2018 in Kingston. Burbank founded Passport in 2000 with less than $1 million and shot to fame based on his lucrative bet against subprime mortgages in 2006 ahead of the global financial crisis. His fund made 220 percent the following year, as global markets were in their slow drift towards collapse. Passport Capital’s assets hit a peak of about $5 billion before a globally challenging period for hedge funds in 2017. As the Wall Street Journal describes him, “he made his name buying up credit default swaps ahead of the financial crisis, resulting in a more-than 200% gain for his main fund in 2007. That year, he made $370 million personally, Forbes estimated.”
They have now shifted their primary focus to cryptocurrencies while also operating their Special Opportunities Fund. Burbank is very bullish on cryptocurrencies in the future, and has taken a substantial position in (NASDAQ:OSTK) and counterpart tZero, which raised US$100 million in presale for its US$250 million ICO this year. Overstock has vociferously embraced cryptocurrency in recent times and is run by Dr. Patrick Byrne, its Founder and Chairman. Byrne attended The Destination Experience Visionaries’ Summit in 2017 and predicted a boom in cryptocurrencies that ensued that year in his presentation. Those who bought into his vision made tremendous returns. Burbank is also a strong advocate of the potential embedded within crypto-assets and anticipates that Blockchain technology is going to drive rapid change in every macro sector in the world.
Burbank’s wealth of experience in macroeconomic analysis and quantitative tools, as well as his experiences in exploring crypto-assets stand to offer significant value to our financial services sector.

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