Jamaica’s vaccination rate doubles in October

The vaccination rate is highest since the coronavirus vaccination program started earlier this year. In Jamaica, data from the country’s Ministry of Health show, counter to the popular view that the program is slowing.

Chart showing an increasing number of vaccinations shots administered per day in Jamaica.

In July, approximately 50,000 Jamaicans or an average of 1,700 per day, got some level of vaccination during the month, which more than doubled to 120,000 persons in August, with 131,000 vaccinations being given in September. The numbers in October are surging, with an addition of 121,000 so far and seems on track to hit 240,000 persons for the month, that would bring the total to just under one million at 980,000 or 45 percent of the eligible population who are fully or partially vaccinated by the end of October.
If the October pace continues for a few months, the country will get to 1.3 million persons or 59 percent of the targeted population by the end of the year.

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