Image Plus crashed on launch

Image Plus Consultants share crashed on launch after listing on Friday morning on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock after the price reached a high of $2.25 with 104.4 million units trading in the early morning session.

Dr. Karlene McDonnough – Chairman of Image Plus Consultants Ltd.

The price fell back to just over the IPO issue price of $2 after 90 minutes and traded up to $2.20 after more than two hours of trading. Within a few minutes after midday, investors exchange slightly more than 9.8 million shares, with the last traded price of $2.09.
The listing brings the total number of companies on the Junior Market to a record 48. The shares will be amongst the few IPOs since the covid9 pandemic that failed to rocket higher on the first day of trading.
The company offered 247,889,936 new shares to the public at $2 each, to raise $495,779,872 before expenses, with the offer that opened on December 28 and closed on December 30, last year and was oversubscribed.
Applications from Key Stakeholders, Broker Reserved and Employees got full of the amount applied for, with the General Public getting the first 10,000 New Shares applied for and 35.68 percent of the balance.

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