Heavy demand for ONE on ONE

OneonOne Education Services is now listed with heavy demand at $1.30 currently from 302 bids total bids at $1.30 for 15.8 million shares.
The bids are now at $1.30, the maximum it can trade at in the first hour of trading and after that $1.32 the maximum for the day, offers are effectively in at $1.30 and over
The stocks appear to be heading for the $2 range by early next week as buyers jostle to pick up stocks. The stocks went to market in early August to sell 380 million units up to $1 each and the issue was heavily oversubscribed.
Trading will commence at 9:30 and trading in the stocks will be suspended immediately after opening and will resume an hour time after.
After the trading commenced investors exchanged just 14,238 shares at $1.30 leaving 16.58 million units on the bid at $1.30 with trading in the stocks halted until 10.30 am.

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