Growth in 2019 tourist arrivals slowing

Jamaica had strong growth in tourism for winter 2019

Stopover arrivals growth to Jamaica slowed to 5.8 percent in May and June this year, compared to the hectic pace earlier in the year and 8 percent in May and June in 2018.
Growth of stopover arrivals was a robust 13.4 percent for the first four months of this year over the similar period, in 2018.
The country welcomed 238,888 stopover arrivals in June this year, an increase of 4.2 percent or 9,627 additional arrivals over the 229,261 recorded in June 2018. For the summer months of May and June, arrivals increased to 449,552 stopovers compared to 424,752 last year.
For the year to June, arrivals increased 11 percent, with 1,390,683 stopovers, 136,195 more than the 1,254,488 in 2018. Total stopover arrivals in 2018, grew 5.1 percent, over 2017 with to 2,472,727 compared to 2,352,915.
The United States remains Jamaica’s most important market, accounting for 68 percent of stopover arrivals in 2019, followed by Canada with 16 percent and the United Kingdom 8 percent. For the January to June period, the US market region has grown by 15.6 percent, with 945,761 visitors, 127,863 more compared to the 815,898 visiting during the same period in 2018.

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