First drop in 12 days for Junior Market

The record-breaking run by the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange was halted, in trading on Wednesday, with the market index declining 28.31 points to close at 3,540.54 for the first fall in 12 days.
Junior Market ended trading with 35 securities changing hands, down from 32 on Monday, as prices of 13 securities rose, 15 declined and 7 remained unchanged.
At the close, Limners and Bards ended at a record close of $3.94, but traded as high as $4.51, Elite Diagnostic closed at a record high of $6.50, after trading as high as $7. Jamaican Teas traded at an intra-day record of $8 but closed at a record closing high of $7.95, Lasco Financial traded at a 52 weeks’ high of $6.50 and Lasco Manufacturing ended at a 52 weeks’ high of $5.16.
Market activities resulted in an exchange of 7,903,203 units valued at $35,396,687 compared to 5,633,068 units valued at $25,345,257 on Monday.
Trading ended with an average of 225,806 units for an average of $1,011,334 in contrast to 176,033 units for an average of $792,039 on Monday for each security traded. The average volume and value for the month to date amounts to units 195,575 valued at 871,008 in contrast to 179,783 shares valued at $797,704 for each security traded. July ended with an average of 138,412 units with a value of $563,215 for each security traded.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows two stocks closing with bids higher than their last selling prices and one closed with a lower offer.
Stocks trading| Access Financial dropped $4.75 to end at $43.2, after trading 288 shares, AMG Packaging lost 5 cents to settle at $2.25 with 123,847 shares changing hands, Blue Power shed 70 cents to end at $10 with 35,540 stock units trading, CAC 2000 fell $1 to end at $15 with 470 stock units trading. Caribbean Cream lost 30 cents to end at $4.20 with 26,162 shares changing hands, Caribbean Flavours declined $2.10 trading of 500 units to close at $14, Cargo Handlers ended trading of 8,946 shares after rising $1 to end at $12, Caribbean Producers settled at $4.80 with 184,295 shares changing hands. Consolidated Bakeries added 30 cents trading of 82,874 units to close at $2.50, Dolphin Cove closed at $12.05 trading 2,000 stock units, Derrimon Trading climbed 40 cents in trading of 50,000 units to close at $3. Everything Fresh lost 1 cent in exchanging 56,359 shares at $1.58, Elite Diagnostic ended trading with 121,813 shares, after rising 10 cents to end at 52 weeks’ high of $6.50, Express Catering shed 15 cents in trading 108,769 units at $6.35, Fontana lost 10 cents to settle at $8.50 with 424,202 shares changing hands. Fosrich Group closed trading with 142,396 units after falling 32 cents to end at $4.61, General Accident closed trading of 109,600 units at $5.40, Honey Bun climbed 40 cents to settle at $5.40 with 124,500 shares changing hands, iCreate closed at 80 cents, with 26,526 stock units trading, Indies Pharma rose 50 cents in trading of 326,867 units at $3.71. Iron Rock Insurance closed trading of 261,345 units at $4, ISP Finance jumped $2.15 in trading of 500 units at $13.65, Jamaican Teas rose 95 cents in trading 155,984 units at record closing high of $7.95, Jetcon Corporation climbed 4 cents in exchanging 2,287 shares at $2. Knutsford Express settled at $12 with 2,653 shares changing hands, Limners and Bards added 4 cents and exchanged 4,245,953 shares to end at a record close of $3.94. Lasco Distributors rose 31 cents trading 62,793 shares to close at $3.46, Lasco Financial closed trading of 192,840 units and gained 53 cents to end at 52 weeks’ high of $6.50, Lasco Manufacturing climbed 76 cents in exchanging 880,251 shares to end at a 52 weeks’ closing high of $5.16. Medical Disposables ended trading of 32,090 shares, after rising $1.80 to end at $7 after the company reported slightly lower profit in the first quarter, to June. Main Event ended market activity exchanging 7,360 shares to close at $7 after falling 84 cents, Paramount Trading shed 40 cents trading of 2,000 units to close at $1.80, and Stationery and Office Supplies closed trading of 2,664 units and shed 59 cents to end at $12 and tTech settle at $6 with 43,529 shares changing hands.                                           

Prices of securities trading for the day are those at which the last trade took place.

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