FESCO gains 311% since listing

The Junior Market seems to be rebounding from the summer correction.

Trading closed on the Junior Market on Friday with the market index slipping 3.85 points to 3,358.31, after hitting the over 3,399, just less than half an hour of trading elapsing and ended with an exchange of 53 percent fewer shares, with 63 percent less value than on Thursday, on a day when Future Energy closed at a record high, with a stunning rise of 311 percent since listing early this year.
Market activity led to 36 securities trading down from 38 on Thursday and ended with 13 rising, 16 declining and seven closing unchanged.
At the close, the PE Ratio, a measure used to compute appropriate stock values, averages 11.8 based on ICInsider.com’s 2021-22 earnings forecast.
Trading ended with 7,012,618 shares changing hands for $21,199,184 compared to 15,060,760 units at $57,055,882 on Thursday. Future Energy Source led trading with 45.4 percent of total volume, with 3.18 million shares, followed by Tropical Battery 18.4 percent with 1.29 million units and Lumber Depot with 615,961 units for 8.8 percent market share.
Trading averaged 194,795 units at $588,866, down from 396,336 at $1,501,471 on Thursday and month to date averaging 466,600 units at $1,253,533, compared to 483,100 units at $1,293,883 on Thursday. July averaged 163,918 units at $481,755.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows one stock ending with the bid higher than its last selling price and three stocks with lower offers.
At the close, Blue Power rose 10 cents to $3.30 with 14,953 shares traded, Caribbean Cream rallied 67 cents to $5.99 with 50,028 stocks changing hands, Dolphin Cove shed 90 cents to end at $11.60 with an exchange of 10,090 stock units. Elite Diagnostic fell 13 cents to $2.96, with 121,000 units passing through the market, Express Catering dipped 49 cents to $5.51 with a transfer of 8,775 shares, Fontana rose 10 cents to $6.10 with 76,919 stocks traded. Fosrich popped 10 cents to $8.20 with 34,813 stock units changing hands, Future Energy Source advanced 29 cents to a record close of $3.29 with an exchange of 3,182,453 units, to now trade with a PE of 25 times, current fiscal year’s profit. General Accident climbed 25 cents to $5.55 with 2,944 shares passing through the market. Honey Bun jumped $1.04 to $9.14 with 120,903 stocks traded, Indies Pharma spiked 23 cents to $3.59 with 34,404 units changing hands, ISP Finance plunged $7.60 to $17.40, trading just 50 shares. Jetcon Corporation slipped 8 cents to 91 cents with an exchange of 5,000 stocks, Lasco Financial rose 5 cents to $3.15 with 24,731 units passing through the market, Lasco Manufacturing dropped 30 cents to $4.88 with a transfer of 7,982 shares. Lumber Depot fell 8 cents to $2.92 with 615,961 stock units traded, Paramount Trading slipped 7 cents to $1.10 with 153,369 units changing hands, SSL Venture declined 6 cents to 74 cents with investors switching ownership of 14,038 stock units. Stationery and Office Supplies shed 95 cents to settle at $6.50 with a transfer of 192,573 stocks and tTech rallied 39 cents to $4.79 with 7,304 shares crossing the exchange.

Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

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